Jun 23 2011

Nail Art: Red & Pink with Gold Flowers


Nail Art: Red & Pink 1

OK, it’s nearly the end of June. And I can’t help but have some serious doubts, as so many of you living in the UK do, over whether we are going to have ‘proper’ summer or not. Am I paying the price for living in London instead of Tokyo? Maybe so. But hot or not, the summer is here, and the day is long (thank God!). So, for this week’s nails, I chose vibrant summer colours that would (hopefully) give me enough courage to walk around town in T-shirt.

What I used (from left)

Nail Art: Red & Pink polish

  • Paul & Joe / 37
  • Paul & Joe / 12

To Get the Look:

1) Apply a base coat.

2) Apply two coats of 37 on your index finger and middle finger, and 12 on your thumb, ring finger and little finger.

3) While the nails are still wet, add gold metal balls to make flowers.

4) Apply a thick top coat.

Nail Art: Red & Pink 2

I just checked the weather in Tokyo; the highest temperature is 31 degrees and the lowest is 24 degrees. And here in London, it’s 20 degrees the highest, and 12 degrees the lowest. Wow, now I’m not so sure if I could survive the hotness in Japan…

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