Feb 28 2015

Guest Post: Beaded Pins & Dinosaur Pincushion

Beaded Pins & Dinosaur Pincushion Tutorial
Hello sweets! I’m deeply sorry about the long absence (I know, I’ve only posted twice this year so far…!!!). I’m guest blogging over at Flamingo Toes and sharing a beaded pins and plastic dinosaur pincushion tutorial. It’s a super easy and fun tutorial (well, actually two tutorials!), so go and have fun there :)
Beaded Pins & Dinosaur Pincushion Tutorial Read More
Jan 06 2015

Beautiful Mess…

Beautiful Mess…

Hello, lovelies! It’s a brand new beginning of the year, and I’m trying out new designs and new materials for my Etsy shop. Read More

Dec 16 2014

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags for Cat Lovers

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags for Cat Lovers
Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags for Cat Lovers

Yes, the title says it all; I’ve created a holiday gift tag printable exclusively for cat lovers!! I thought it would be fun to offer a cat-shaped gift tag printable, and I could not (seriously could not) resist using my cat daughter as a model. Read More

Nov 25 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur Earring Backings

Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial

Hello lovelies! Just in case some of you have missed, my Etsy shop, leap Jewellery, is having a big giveaway at Flamingo Toes! Yes, go check it out and place your entry!

OK, now, let’s move on to a quick craft tutorial, shall we? Hope you guys enjoyed my Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings and Faux Fur Pearl Necklace tutorial, because today I’m sharing another super easy faux fur tutorial. This time it’s earring backings – yes, you heard it, faux fur backings that goes with any (well, almost any) stud earrings you have! Read More

Nov 20 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

Hello lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my Faux Fur Pearl Necklace tutorial last week, because today I’m sharing an easy and versatile faux fur earrings tutorial! These earrings would be glamorous and eye-catching at parties, and you can also casual down by matching them up with a pair of jeans :) Read More

Nov 13 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur Pearl Necklace

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur Pearl Necklace

Hello lovelies! Hope you are in favour of this year’s faux fur trend, because today’s tutorial is all about (faux) furry monster :) So, if you’re with me, join me for the tutorial! Read More

Mar 22 2013

Craft Tutorial: Camera Lens Cap Decoration

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration

Hello sweets! I have a super fun tutorial for you today using Mod Podge and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic I received from Bev from Flamingo Toes :) (you can read about our craft swap we did here). Read More

Mar 20 2013

Crafty Goodness from Across the Pond…

Hello lovelies! Please let me apologise first for making you jealous today. If you were a regular SGT reader, you might remember the craft swap I did with Bev from Flamingo Toes – well, we enjoyed the swap so much that we decided to do the swap again :)

OK, just in case you haven’t encountered Flamingo Toes yet (like, really, go have a look, sweetheart!), here are some of my favourite tutorials from Bev: Anthro’s Pompearl Necklace Knockoff, Simple & Sweet Shoe Refashion, A Simple Clutch (Applique Version), and Spring Vintage Linen Table Runner. See? So many inspirations and crafty skills!!!

Now, please let me share you the goodies I received from the crafty queen :) Read More

Feb 07 2013

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations

Today I’m going to share you some craft ideas and inspirations for Valentine’s Day. They all comes with tutorials or recipe, so hopefully you won’t have any problem expressing your love :)

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations Read More
Feb 01 2013

Craft Tutorial: Charms for Earrings Upcycle

Craft Tutorial: Charms for Earrings Upcycle

Happy February, everyone! I know, I don’t know how we ended up welcoming February so soon after the New Year (or so I feel)…

Anyways, today’s tutorial is all about upcycling earrings – if you have stud-type earrings that you got bored of, why not give it a new life? I’ve done earrings upcycle tutorial before which added charms on butterfly catches (as a matter of fact, my very first tutorial on SGT!), but this time I’m adding charms on the main earrings themselves. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds! Read More

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