Jun 20 2012

Craft Tutorial: Beaded Coaster

Beaded Coaster Tutorial

I told you last week in this post that I’d been doing a bead embroidery project – I was in fact making the beaded coaster in the photo above. And, after about 80-hour-worth of labour, I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that it is complete! Yeeeeessssssss!!!

OK, I shall calm down now. And please allow me to explain the reason why it took me so long to finish the coaster. Ahem, well, I accidentally sewed my skirt onto the coaster during the process. Not once, but three times… And had to unstitch and re-sew accordingly (and scream, curse myself and eat lots of chocolates). So, if you were to make the coaster, please wear tightest skinny jeans :) Read More

Jun 14 2012

Craft Tutorial: Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hello lovelies! My best mate’s birthday is coming up this weekend, and I’ve been trying to come up with some gift wrapping ideas. I have two gifts for her; one is a lovely bracelet from Anthropologie (which I am happy to keep for myself!), and the other is a pair of earrings handmade by me.

The bracelet came in a cute little pouch (way to go, Anthro!) and I had to up my game – I didn’t want my handmade goodie to look less pretty, no :) Read More

Jun 11 2012

Bead Embroidery in Progress…

Bead Embroidery
Bead Embroidery 2

Happy Monday, lovelies! I’ve been dedicating some serious amount of time on bead embroidery projects since last week – the flower embroidery in the photo above is done, but I’m struggling to finish another one… Hopefully I can show you the finished product during the week :)

Jun 07 2012

Craft Tutorial: Drop Beads Necklace

Drop Beads Necklace

Hello sweets! Today I’m going to show you how to make simple necklace with drop beads. I received these gorgeous drop beads as part of crafty swap goodies; when I saw them I instantly knew that I was going to make a dangle necklace with them :) Read More

May 31 2012

Knockoff Craft Tutorial:
Etoile Earrings by Kamiori Kaori

Etoile Earrings

Today’s tutorial is a knockoff of ‘Etoile earrings’ by a Japanese jewelry designer, Kamiori Kaori. When I discovered the earrings, I was literally blown away – they are so cute and whimsical! Read More

May 29 2012

Crafty Secret Reveal…

Hello my dearest readers, today I must confess that I’ve been keeping a little secret from you. No, I’m not pregnant, and no, I did not eat your chocolate (I swear!). So… ahem, take a deep breath… Read More

May 25 2012

Craft Tutorial: Beaded Bezel Ring

Beaded Bezel Ring

Awww… Just looking at these lovely Swarovki stones makes me drool…. Oh, ahhh, sorry, I’m good, thank you, and you?

Well, well, where can I start? I love Swarovski crystals, and I especially adore their rivolis (you know, pointy, gold back ones?) – although I couldn’t really use them without fancy (and rather expensive) settings before. But I am a different person now, because I can make peyote bezels with them (whoot, whoot)!!! So, with this greatest excitement, I shall move on to the tutorial :) Read More

May 18 2012

‘Pearl International’ Knockoff Tutorial:
Pearl Necklace with Detachable Bows

Pearl Necklace with Bow

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s tutorial is about everything I love – pearls and bows, simple yet playful. When I found this gorgeous necklace from PEARL INTERNATIONAL, I fell instantly in love. Read More

May 16 2012

Best place to learn beading techniques

Since getting my hands on bead stitching for the first time in Sachet with Peyote Bezel Tutorial last week, I got hooked and I was all over the Internet to learn more about the stitching techniques.

As I was searching for clear and easy instructions, I came across this brilliant articles on beading how-to, hosted by a Japanese beading shop called Beads Factory. The instructions are created with Flash animations, and are perfect for first-time bead stitchers!

Since the website is entirely written in Japanese, I’ll guide you through it: Read More

May 10 2012

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Have you prepared something special for Mother’s Day yet? I already ordered nice flowers to be sent at both my mum’s and my mother-in-law’s in Japan. But being a crafter, I also wanted to make something – the problem was that my mum-in-law was gazillion times better at most crafts than me… Oh, the pressure!

So, after a long thought I decided to make something useful, and something she wouldn’t think of making herself (or so I’m hoping!). Sachets with cute peyote bezels, here they come! Read More

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