Mar 05 2012

DIY Paper Hermes Jige Clutch

Hermes Jige Clutch top

Head over to the Hermes site, ladies, because… yes, a new free downloadable has arrived! First it was the classic Kelly bag, then Collier de Chien cuff, and this time it’s the adoreble Jige clutch!

If you haven’t downloaded from them before, visit the Hermes website, click on ‘travel the world of Hermes’, and click on the thumbnail that says ‘I want it, I’ll have it!’ along with the image of a blank white clutch. There are six different patterns you can choose from; simply download the design you like, print it out, then cut out and glue them together! Read More

Mar 01 2012

Craft Tutorial: Glitter Heart Shoe Clips

Heart Shoe Clip 21

Happy March everyone! Today I have a fun and messy project for you. I have been a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood for the past 15 years (wow, didn’t realise it’s been that long since then…), and ever since I saw their ‘Lady Dragon Shoes’ collection I’ve been in love with them. Read More

Feb 29 2012

Craft Tutorial: Pearl Stacking Rings

Pearl Stacking Rings

Hello lovelies, did you enjoy the leap-year day? I have a fun tutorial for the special day, and it’s about everything I love; pearls, simple and delicate rings, quick and easy crafts. I love fresh water pearls and can’t get enough of them, but if you are not so much of a fan, you can replace the pearls to any beads you like, of course :) Read More

Feb 21 2012

Craft Tutorial: Make Pom Poms with a Fork

Pom Pom top

How do you make pom poms? I usually use pom pom makers by Clover; the size goes from 20mm (pretty small) up to 85mm (pretty big), and I cannot make patterned pom poms without them. But… yes, but, I was making pom poms for my next project, and realised that even the smallest pom pom maker was too big! So, here comes today’s tutorial :) Read More

Feb 10 2012

Pom Pom Crazy!

Pom Pom Crazy 3

Yes, the title says it all; I’ve been crazy in pom poms lately.

Pom Pom Crazy 1-1
Pom Pom Crazy 2

Read More

Nov 30 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Tutorial:
Felted Soap

Felted Soap 4

How’s your Christmas shopping going, lovelies? I am proud to tell you that after brain-melting hours of shopping (on and off the internet), Mr T and I no longer have to suffer; yes, we actually finished Christmas shopping before December even starts!! And we have 5 days to wrap and send them before we head back to Japan :) And before getting my hands on wrapping these pressies, I wanted to make some felted soaps that I saw at Anthropologie’s. Read More

Nov 29 2011

Felt Ball Alphabet Tutorial

Felt Ball Alphabet 4

As I promised you last week, I’m posting another project using felt balls (am I obsessed with felt ball? Hell, yeah!). This time I’m making alphabetical letters; I think these letters would be cute Christmas ornaments or decorations, also perfect for stocking fillers! Read More

Nov 23 2011

Felt Ball Mat Tutorial

Felt Ball Mat 2

Hello lovelies, how is your Christmas presents preparation going? I am, in fact, in a state of panic; Mr T and I are going back to Japan in two weeks for one month (yay!), and we have to get everything done – everything including work, lovely tax calculation, sending out Christmas cards, getting souvenirs and Christmas presents for friends and families… So, while sorting out all the above, I am frantically making some Christmas presents. And today, I made a small mat (or you may call it ‘a rather big coaster’) using felt balls for my mum. Read More

Nov 09 2011

Today I Made: Felted Sweaters

Felted Sweaters top
Have you felted, accidentally or intentionally, your wool sweaters before? I have done it a few times accidentally, quite many years ago, when I washed my sweaters in washing machines. And last week I’ve done it again – this time, to my horror, one of Mr T’s favourite sweaters… It didn’t shrink thatmuch (or so I protested), but it was quite a tight fit; when he stretched his arms above his head, I could see his belly (I insisted that it kind of looked ‘young and fashionable’). Instead of getting upset, though, Mr T simply told me to ‘make something fabulous’ with it :) Read More
Nov 04 2011

Stiffened Fabric Origami Box

Fabric Origami Box 4

I’ve been collecting vintage and antique buttons for a while now, and I was looking for a neat and cute way to organise them. I first thought of making small boxes with craft papers, then this mad (and brilliant, I hope) idea came up – why not make origami boxes out of stiffened fabrics? And oh yes, as I hoped, stiffened fabric worked as fine as origami papers! Read More

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