Oct 28 2011

Craft Tutorial: Stiffened Fabric Bookmark

Fabric Bookmark4

I’m so excited that over the weekend, my friend K and her husband are coming down to Brighton for the first time since we moved here – and then I remembered; she had asked me to make her a bookmark (which was quite a while ago. Oops). I looked around my craft supplies for some inspirations, and I found this mighty tool. Read More

Oct 21 2011

Needle Felting Tutorial: Skulls for Halloween

Skulls for Halloween 5

I have a confession to make today – I am a Halloween virgin. No, never experienced ‘Trick or Treat’ (little bit sad, really). I think it’s because we Japanese don’t really celebrate Halloween, and Halloween isn’t such a big deal (or so it seems to me) in Britain. My impression is that British people are more excited about Guy Fawkes Night (5th of November); maybe this might change if Halloween was a Bank Holiday (public holiday)…? Read More

Sep 23 2011

Bow Hair Tie Tutorial

Bow Hair Tie 2

Continuing from yesterday’s hair tie project, today’s tutorial will show you how to make a hair tie with a bow. It’s very similar to the ‘hair scrunchie with bow’ I made a while back on this post, and it takes much less time :) Read More

Sep 22 2011

Today I Made: Trims & Button Hair Tie

Trims & Button 1

I was organising my craft box, and noticed that I have loads of small scrap fabrics and trims that were probably too small for any project. Any project?, I thought. I couldn’t just waste them, for sure! I started fiddling with them, and after about 30 minutes creative journey this hair tie was born. Read More

Aug 19 2011

Making Stationery with Waxed Papers

Making Stationery 5

As you can see in the past two posts (here and here), I’ve been obsessed with waxed papers. And I’m hoping that you are as crazy as I am about waxed papers, because today I’m going to show you what I’ve been making with them.

The thing about waxed papers is that you can’t treat them like ordinary papers; you can’t use stickers or glue on them because… well, they are waxed and nothing sticks on them! Hope the tutorial will give you some inspirations on what to use waxed papers for! Read More

Aug 18 2011

Waxed Paper Tutorial

Waxed Paper Tutorial 6

As I promised you the day before, today’s tutorial will show you how to make waxed papers from plain papers. I got hooked and cannot (seriously) stop waxing papers, so much so that I’m putting all the usual clothes ironing on hold :) Read More

Aug 16 2011

Today I Made: Waxed Papers

Waxed Paper 4

Hello lovelies! Today, I want to share my newest obsession: waxed papers. I love their texture and translucency, and they have this vintage feel that just look so special! So, I tried and made my own waxed papers from plain papers. Read More

Aug 11 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
Pinwale Alphabet

Pinwale Alphabet 3

Some of you might remember that I’ve been collecting an alphabet ‘E’ . So I was really excited when I was given a letter E from a friend the other day! Read More

Jun 28 2011

Today I Made: Fabric Wrapped Hangers

Fabric Wrapped Hangers 3

As my ‘I know one day they’ll be useful’ scrap fabric stash was fully grown to ‘OMG What on earth am I gonna do with them’ size stash, I decided to use them for giving my old miserable-looking hangers some treat. Read More

Apr 06 2011

Pimping Up Marking Pins

Pimping Up Marking Pins, top

As I sorted out my beads collection yesterday, I couldn’t help but make something with these lovely things – something pretty, and something useful as well. I decided to pimp my old marking pins, and boy, don’t they just look precious? Read More

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