Jun 14 2012

Craft Tutorial: Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hello lovelies! My best mate’s birthday is coming up this weekend, and I’ve been trying to come up with some gift wrapping ideas. I have two gifts for her; one is a lovely bracelet from Anthropologie (which I am happy to keep for myself!), and the other is a pair of earrings handmade by me.

The bracelet came in a cute little pouch (way to go, Anthro!) and I had to up my game – I didn’t want my handmade goodie to look less pretty, no :) Read More

May 24 2012

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
Colored Brilliance Bowl

Colored Brilliance Bowl

I was trying to sort out my nail polish boxes the other day – I mean, some of the polishes were really old, nearly ten years old, all sticky and yuck… But still, I found it quite difficult to throw even these old ones away, and wanted to give them a final good use before saying good-bye. Then I found a perfect project, from no other than the lovely Anthropologie!

Colored Brilliance Bowl anthro

Read More

Mar 23 2012

Craft Tutorial; Plastic Animal Ring Holder

Plastic Animal Ring Holder 5

Hello lovelies! Hope you are not sick of plastic animals yet, because today’s tutorial will show you how to turn ordinary plastic animals into ring holders – something fun and very practical. If you missed other plastic animals-related projects, please visit these posts: Alpaca Pin Cushion Tutorial and Felt on Plastic Animals Tutorial. Read More

Mar 05 2012

DIY Paper Hermes Jige Clutch

Hermes Jige Clutch top

Head over to the Hermes site, ladies, because… yes, a new free downloadable has arrived! First it was the classic Kelly bag, then Collier de Chien cuff, and this time it’s the adoreble Jige clutch!

If you haven’t downloaded from them before, visit the Hermes website, click on ‘travel the world of Hermes’, and click on the thumbnail that says ‘I want it, I’ll have it!’ along with the image of a blank white clutch. There are six different patterns you can choose from; simply download the design you like, print it out, then cut out and glue them together! Read More

Nov 03 2011

Tilt-Shift Photos; Miniature Faking website

Tilt-Shift Photos brighton

I’m a big fan of tilt-shift photos, but never bothered using PhotoShop (or didn’t have the skill to do so, to be honest) to modify my normal photos into fake miniature ones. But then I discovered this brilliant website TiltShift Maker, which is a web-based image manipulator that allows you to fake it. It’s super easy to use, and the best part is, it’s FREE!!! Read More

Aug 08 2011

Picture Perfect Reflector Tutorial

Reflector top

Most of you must already know that the most important element of taking photo is how you get your lighting right. And trust me, if you live in the UK where the sun seldom shows its full potential, taking photo inside the house using daylight is so darn hard!

So I came up with the idea of making a photo reflector using only the things I already own. I wanted it to be light and mobile, and most important of all, it had to be able to stand on its own. You’ll see after the tutorial how this little thing changes your photo! Read More

Aug 05 2011

London to Brighton

Brighton Rocks hello

Hello lovelies! I’m really sorry that I’ve been away for so long; it’s been almost 1 month since I posted my last entry (yes, I’m actually in a cold sweat!). The reasons for my absence are: 1) my hubby and I moved to Brighton, a seaside city about an hour away from London 2) because of the move and our brilliant internet service provider, we were cut off from the internet connection all these time (it sucks but I shouldn’t be so surprised by this kind of problem in the UK). Read More

Jun 28 2011

Today I Made: Fabric Wrapped Hangers

Fabric Wrapped Hangers 3

As my ‘I know one day they’ll be useful’ scrap fabric stash was fully grown to ‘OMG What on earth am I gonna do with them’ size stash, I decided to use them for giving my old miserable-looking hangers some treat. Read More

Apr 05 2011

Upcycle Jam Jars Into Perfect Organisers

Upcycle Jam Jars Into Perfect Organisers  top

As my craft material collections continue to grow, finding how to organise them in practical ways became my one of many obsessions. I found jam jars to be perfect solution for storing knickknacks and some of my beads collection, so today I gave them some face-lifts. Read More

Apr 04 2011

Craft Box Upcycle

Craft Box Upcycle, Before

I got these drawers from WH Smith last week (it was 60 percent off, yay!) for storing my ever-growing collection of craft materials. But it was a tad too ‘sweet’ for our room (you’ll see why in the picture later), so I decided to give it a little DIY love. Read More

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