Dec 16 2014

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags for Cat Lovers

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags for Cat Lovers
Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags for Cat Lovers

Yes, the title says it all; I’ve created a holiday gift tag printable exclusively for cat lovers!! I thought it would be fun to offer a cat-shaped gift tag printable, and I could not (seriously could not) resist using my cat daughter as a model. Read More

Oct 09 2012

Halloween Printable Nail Decal!

Halloween Printable Nail Decal

Hello, lovelies! As I promised you a couple of weeks ago, I (well, mostly with the help of Mr T) made Halloween version of printable decal data – hope you’re excited!

Simply click the image below to download the data :) Read More

Sep 25 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Waterslide Decal (& Free Printable!)

Nail Art Tutorial: Waterslide Decal (Free Printable!)

Hello, lovelies! Sorry for the lack of new posts last week – I’ve been working like a headless chicken (I know, not an ideal way to work). But hey, I’m back, and back with the printable nail decal data and tutorial I promised you a while back!

So… ready for the fun? Read More

Mar 26 2011

Free Downloads:
Nail Polish Colour Chart Template

Free Downloads: Nail Polish Colour Chart Template, top

I was chucking away my old stash of nail polishes that were too thick to use (very sad), then trying to organise the remains by the colour and brand. Then I decided to make colour chart for the polishes; I always wanted to have colour chart so that it’d be easy to see what colour I have, what colour goes well together, and how strong the colours show in each coat (very important for me). I made a simple colour chart template as free PDF download, so print it out and have fun with your nail polishes, too! Read More

Mar 24 2011

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holders

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder 1

I’m not particularly a tidy person, but sometimes, I suddenly get this strong urge to organizing things. And today, the urge hit me – it told me to sort out one of my craft supply boxes, which had been a shelter (or a dumping box) for odd bits of fabrics and ribbons. The difficulty about storing ribbons is that not all of them come with spools (I really wish they did). So I nagged my hubby, who is a graphic designer, to make some ribbon holders for me. And these holders are going to be my first free PDF downloads; hope you enjoy organising your ribbon stashes too! Read More