May 09 2012

Craft Tutorial: Beaded Hair Scrunchies

Beaded Hair Scrunchies

First of all, my hearty apologies to my dear readers for not posting much these days. I was head-banging a thick, cold blogging wall – although I was happily creating something pretty much everyday, when I questioned myself if they were blog-worthy or not, sadly the answers always seemed to be ‘no’. I’m still head-banging the wall, but hey, here I am with a bloody forehead :)

Let’s move on to my darling new hair scrunchies, shall we? I love both making and wearing hair scrunchies, and since my hair is now long enough to actually wear one, I decided to make new versions (you can find other scrunchie posts here and here). They are both pretty straightforward to make, and I think they would be a cute little present for Mother’s Day, too. Read More

Apr 04 2012

Craft Tutorial: Vintage Button Necklace

Vintage Button Necklace

As I told you in the ‘Vintage Finds’ post last week, I bought gorgeous vintage glass buttons the other day. I love the simple beauty of it, and hell no, I couldn’t resist making something with it! Read More

Mar 29 2012

Les Nereides Knockoff Tutorial;
Pom Pom Bracelet

Pom Pom Bracelet

I’m a huge fan of Les Nereides, a quirky French jewellery brand. I usually drool over their creations in front of my computer screen and sigh – sigh of admiration and agony, because 1) they are so damn pretty, 2) damn expensive and 3) most of them are impossible for me to recreate. But then I found a cute collection the other day that looked simple enough for me to do the knockoff. Yes!! Read More

Mar 16 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs Inspired Tutorial;
Suede Bow Ring

Suede Bow Ring
Suede Bow Ring 2

Hello lovelies! I can’t believe that it’s Friday already… I’ve been busy trying to finish off some projects all week – 30% success, and the rest didn’t turn out as I hoped. Oh well, I’ll live. Anyway, my personal craft crisis aside, today’s tutorial is Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘inspired’ bow ring. The reason why it’s not a knockoff is… well, you’ll see. Read More

Mar 14 2012

Miu Miu Knockoff Tutorial;
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 1
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 2

Do you like rhinestones? And, do you have lots of nail polishes? If the answers were two yeses, then today’s knockoff is made for you :) I was browsing Miu Miu’s E-store recently, and found a gorgeous pair of earrings with primary coloured rhinestones. Read More

Mar 07 2012

Craft Tutorial: Raindrop Necklace

Raindrop Necklace top
Raindrop Necklace

Do you like rainy days? I’m not so much of a fan – come on, living in the UK (rainy most of the time) and growing up in Japan (rainy season should be illegal. Really), I think I’ve had enough rainy days a person should experience in a lifetime. But still… I don’t know why but there are something very charming about raindrops and clouds in product design. So, today, I’m making a knockoff necklace that I found via Pinterest. Read More

Mar 01 2012

Craft Tutorial: Glitter Heart Shoe Clips

Heart Shoe Clip 21

Happy March everyone! Today I have a fun and messy project for you. I have been a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood for the past 15 years (wow, didn’t realise it’s been that long since then…), and ever since I saw their ‘Lady Dragon Shoes’ collection I’ve been in love with them. Read More

Feb 29 2012

Craft Tutorial: Pearl Stacking Rings

Pearl Stacking Rings

Hello lovelies, did you enjoy the leap-year day? I have a fun tutorial for the special day, and it’s about everything I love; pearls, simple and delicate rings, quick and easy crafts. I love fresh water pearls and can’t get enough of them, but if you are not so much of a fan, you can replace the pearls to any beads you like, of course :) Read More

Feb 22 2012

Pom Pom Snood Tutorial

Pom Pom Snood 3

Are you a fan of snood? And are you a fan of pom poms? If your answers were two yeses, then today’s project is perfect for you :) I found a gorgeous scarf, called ‘Bring it Pom Scarf’ (I know, don’t you love it already?) via Pinterest the other day. They no longer sell the scarf, but I couldn’t give up; I, as a lover of all things round and colourful (ie, felt balls and pom poms), HAD to own it! Read More

Feb 15 2012

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial
‘Sky’s End’ Earrings

Sky’s End 4

Yes, I fell in love again with Anthropologie’s earrings. I found this gorgeous, beautiful pair on their US website sometime last year, waited for them to come to the UK website, and before I knew it they stopped selling them… WHY???

Anyways, I knew I had to make similar one myself, but alas I could not find any of these beautiful turquoise like the original version. So, today’s knockoff is more of an ‘inspired’ version. Read More

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