Nov 17 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Sol Pompom Necklace’

Pompom Necklace 1

Are you a fan of pompoms? I am, big time. I found a gorgeous curtain upcycle on Pinterest the other day, which was using black tassels around the edges to jazz up plain, white IKEA curtains. Determined to have a go at the project, I bought a long strip of red pompom tapes for my curtains. Then I found this… Read More

Nov 16 2011

Glamming Up Simple Gloves

Simple Gloves 6

I just bought a pair of gloves yesterday; they each have three little leather bows, and that’s it. Very simple (well, for my wardrobe, anyway). I love the shape, colour and the tiny bows, but I wanted to add some personal touches and… well, some bling! Read More

Oct 27 2011

Tom Binns Knockoff Tutorial:
Pearl & Safety Pin Earrings

Pearl & Safety Pin Earrings top

Hello, lovelies! Are you enjoying shopping for autumn/winter season? I was browsing through recently, and had a huge crush on a pair of earrings from Tom Binns. Mixed media jewellery are still huge this season, both from big brands and high street shops, but I’ve never seen pearls, rhinestones and safety pins mixed together! So, today’s tutorial will show you how to make a little bit toned down version of the earrings. Read More

Oct 14 2011

Needle Felting tutorial: Circle Felt Necklace

Circle Felt Necklace 1

After making a simple pair of earrings with felt balls (on this post), I was determined to make a matching necklace with lots of coloured felt balls. But then I thought about practicality (which is very rare for me :)); if I make a necklace with felt balls, chances are that I can’t close the buttons of my coat, surely…? So I came up with the idea of using circle-shaped felts instead of felt balls. These circles take less time to make, and less bulky, so it’s a win-win result! Read More

Oct 12 2011

Simple Needle Felt Earrings Tutorial

Felt Earrings top

Yes, the felting season is back! I checked my blog (it’s very handy, isn’t it?) and the last felting project I’ve done was cat-shaped pouch back in April. In order to get back my felting technique, I made a simple pair of earrings with felt balls. After about five minutes of felting, my fingers seemed to remember how it worked, but it involved some finger poking, too :) Anyway, if you are new to needle felting, I think making felt balls would be the best first project. And if you have ready-made felt balls, you can just skip to step 5. Read More

Sep 23 2011

Bow Hair Tie Tutorial

Bow Hair Tie 2

Continuing from yesterday’s hair tie project, today’s tutorial will show you how to make a hair tie with a bow. It’s very similar to the ‘hair scrunchie with bow’ I made a while back on this post, and it takes much less time :) Read More

Sep 22 2011

Today I Made: Trims & Button Hair Tie

Trims & Button 1

I was organising my craft box, and noticed that I have loads of small scrap fabrics and trims that were probably too small for any project. Any project?, I thought. I couldn’t just waste them, for sure! I started fiddling with them, and after about 30 minutes creative journey this hair tie was born. Read More

Sep 21 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs Knockoff Tutorial:
Bow Stud Earrings

Marc Jacobs 1

Are you a fan of neon colours? I am (in a small dose, though), and when I found this neon-yellow bow stud earrings (I know, love bows as well) by Marc by Marc Jacobs I instantly fell in love! Read More

Sep 09 2011

2 Way Vintage Button Necklace Tutorial

Button Necklace top

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to do with the vintage buttons I bought; I wanted to make something that I could wear daily, and something that hopefully enhanced their beauty. I finally decided to make a simple two-way necklace, and yes, I’m truly in love with them!! Read More

Aug 24 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Kivu Filament Stacking Rings’

Stacking Rings 5

Hello, there! Today I’m having an Anthropologie knockoff tutorial (yes, again!) that I desperately wanted to share with you before the summer ends.

The last time I was in London, I found these very delicate, very summer-looking stacking rings on sale (unfortunately, we don’t have Anthropologie in Brighton. Sigh…) and fell in love with them. The problem was that there seemed to be only one size available, and none of them fit me… So, although I still want their version (silly me), I decided to make some for consolation. Read More

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