Jun 20 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Poppy Mallow Bobbies’

Poppy top

I went to Anthropologie the other day, and fell in love with one of their new hair accessories. And, as a ritual, I asked myself this; can I make this, and if so, would it be cheaper to make one myself? The answer was YES. So, ready or not, here comes the very easy but lengthy tutorial! Read More

Jun 08 2011

Necklace with a Vintage Heart

Vintage Heart top

On Monday, I received this sweet heart-shaped pendant top from my mum, which I had ordered it from my favourite vintage beads shop in Japan. I’m sure that it’s not only me who is frustrated about the fact that most Japanese online shops don’t accept orders from overseas. It sucks, quite frankly! Read More

May 17 2011

Hooray for Shoes Clips!

Shoes Clips top

There are only three days left for my friend’s wedding; I got a dress, a clutch bag, jewellery, and a pair of… shoes? Mmm… OK, I do have shoes, but they don’t really shout ‘it’ to me. Panic, no, let’s not panic.

After a few hours of (panicky) internet searching, I suddenly found a way out: shoes clips! This way, I could sex up my shoes without spending much, and I could take them off when I want the original design. So, hooray for shoes clips! Read More

May 16 2011

Bead Ring Tutorial:
Pearl Ring That Brings Happiness

Pearl Ring top

Time flies by, literally, and my best friend’s wedding is taking place this weekend. I always wanted to give her something special, not as a wedding gift but as a last present as a single woman. After a long thought, I decided to make her a pinky ring with pearls and turquoise; something simple yet timeless and meaningful. Read More

May 12 2011

Hair Scrunchie with Bow Tutorial

Hair Scrunchie with Bow top

As I promised you yesterday, today’s tutorial is on ‘pimped up’ version of hair scrunchie. I’ve been slightly obsessed with bows recently (in case you haven’t noticed), and I couldn’t resist putting a bow on a scrunchie! Read More

May 11 2011

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial top

I have quite a lot of odd bits of scrap fabrics to use, so today I’m having a tutorial on hair scrunchies. I know, it’s one of the simplest sewing projects ever! Today’s tutorial will show you how to make the ‘basic of the basic’ scrunchies, and I’ll be having a tutorial on ‘pimped’ version tomorrow. Have nice scrunchies time, everyone! Read More

May 04 2011

Wedding Project:
Organza Flower Headband Tutorial

Organza Flower Headband top

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my best friend’s wedding is coming up in less than three weeks. So today, I made a headband with an organza flower feature for the special day; it looks cute yet elegant (ie, perfect for a wedding), don’t you think? It was such a fun to make the organza flower that I’m already thinking what I could use these for other projects! You can wear it as a hairpin, a bracelet, a belt… OK, I’m getting a bit too excited here, but hope you’ll get as excited as I am making the headband, too! Read More

May 03 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Extraterrestrial Hoops’

Extraterrestrial Hoops top

Happy May everyone! Now that the Royal Wedding is over, I’m focusing on getting ready for my best friend’s wedding, which is taking place in less than three weeks’ time. I’ve been looking around everywhere like crazy for the ‘perfect’ accessory for the special occasion, and I found a fantastic pair of earrings from, you guessed it, Anthropologie with not-so-fantastic price-tag. So, in order to save a few precious pennies, I’ve decided to make them myself. Read More

Apr 19 2011

Necklace Upcycle: Mixing Old & New

Necklace Upcycle: Mixing Old & New 1

Do you have any jewellery that you love, but cannot wear anymore because some parts are broken, or look too old? Well, I have some, and today I decided to rescue one of them. Read More

Apr 14 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace top

Ever since Anthropologie opened its first London store in 2009, it has been giving me a great deal of pleasure and torment. Why? Because their products are truly inspiring, and also very expensive (well, for me, anyway). But then I discovered this brilliant blog yesterday, Flamingo Toes, where Bev the blog owner introduces lots of Anthropologie knockoffs with thorough how-to tutorials. After I found out that she has done a tutorial on my favourite necklace, there was no stopping for me. Read More

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