Apr 13 2011

Beads & Lace Bracelet Tutorial

Beads & Lace Bracelet Tutorial top

After writing the beaded bracelet tutorial yesterday, I got hooked on making more bracelets; I experimented using lots of different materials and the one I liked the most was incorporating lace with beads. The skill needed for the bracelet is exactly the same as yesterday’s, so again it’ll only take 5 to 10 minutes to make one. Hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial! Read More

Apr 12 2011

Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Beaded Bracelet Tutorial top

It’s so exciting to change the wardrobe for the new season, especially when changing it to spring/summer season. And as the new season is here, I think I deserve a new accessory or two! So, today’s tutorial will show you how to create beaded bracelets in quick and easy way. Once you decide which beads to use (which takes me very long time…), it’ll only take 5 to 10 minutes to make one; I’m sure you’ll get hooked! Read More

Mar 08 2011

Bead Earring Tutorial:
Upcycle your earring in 10 mins!

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 1

I was sorting out my jewelry box, and realised that I have quite a few earrings that I love, but not wear much. Most of them are simple stud earrings; although they are easy to match with any outfit, thanks to its simplicity, I just got bored of them because of that after a while. Then I came up with a simple solution; let’s upcycle the butterfly catches! In this way, if I want to wear the original version again, I can just pop on ‘normal’ butterfly catches (or ear nuts). I can also mix-and-match the butterfly catches with other earrings – it’s a win-win upcycle, no? Read More

Mar 06 2011

Bead Ring Tutorial: Make a ring in 10 mins!

Bead Ring Tutorial

Every girl deserves a new ring once in a while (are you listening to me, hubby?), but sadly, just because we deserve it doesn’t mean that we can always have it. So today, I’m going to introduce a ring that you can make in ten minutes (or less!). It’s super easy to make and it’d be a perfect present for your girlfriends, too. I hope you’ll enjoy making lots of it and spread your handmade love to your loved ones! Read More

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