Jul 24 2012

Nail Art: Glam Rock Nails

Glam Rock Nail Art

Believe it or not, there are only 3 days left until the big game starts – are you all as excited about the Olympic games as British folks? Well, I hope so, because this week’s nail art is everything about ‘Go! Britain!’ :) Read More

Jul 16 2012

Nail Art: Triangles & Squares

Nail Art: Triangles & Squares

Happy Monday, sweets! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mr T and I visited Leeds Castle on Sunday, which I tweeted about (I know, I finally started to use Twitter properly!); I’m going to share you some photos of the lovely castle tomorrow :) But before that, let me show you this week’s nail art. Read More

Jul 11 2012

Nail Art: OPI NYC Ballet Collection Swatch

NYC Ballet Collection

Hello lovelies! I usually don’t do nail polish swatches here in Small Good Things, but today I have to share you my latest addiction – because I finally discovered ‘it’ white nail (Yee-ha!!!!).

In my last week’s glitter flowers nail art post, I asked if you guys knew any white polishes that are non-squeaky clean white, and are creamy but not too thick. Then a magical thing happened – beyond brilliant Tumblr blog, True Blue Me & You, kindly asked her readers if they knew any manis that fit my demanding (ah-ha) request in this post.

One of her readers suggested ‘Crème Fraiche’ by OPI, and oh my, it sounded perfect! I couldn’t, however, find any UK stores that sell it (big sigh). My heart didn’t get deflated for too long, because after an hour’s vigorous search on the net, I found these: Read More

Jul 03 2012

Nail Art: Glitter Flowers

Glitter Flowers

Happy July, lovelies! Hope you’re having a wonderful summer – for sweets living in the UK… I know. I feel it. No summer and no sunshine, why am I surprised…?

Anyways, this week’s nail art is pretty simple; if you have any glitters that are lying around in your craft box, experiment and have fun with them :) Read More

Jun 26 2012

Nail Art: Glitter Confetti Nails

Glitter Confetti Nails

Hello lovelies! I was feeling a bit lazy, so this week’s nail art is very simple – but don’t be disappointed, they are really fun and sparkly! Read More

Jun 22 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Nail Care 101

Hello lovelies! I was asked by Masa from Hearting Handmade about how I took care my cuticles the other day, and thought it was a good idea to have a nail care dedicated post (thanks Masa!). This post is all about the basics, and some of you must already know how to take care of ya self, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy ‘before and after’ photos at the end. So, here is the how-to for healthy nails!

* For this tutorial, I asked Mr T (my hubby) to hand model. Because… for me, to share the photos of my ‘untreated’ cuticles to the world was as embarrassing as swimming backstroke with hairy armpits on world broadcasted TV… So, apologise in advance for manly (and hairy) fingers :) Read More

Jun 18 2012

Nail Art: Crushed Seashell Summer Nails

Seashell Summer Nails

Hello sweets! Did you have a great weekend? We were blessed with sunny spells, so we (together with Mr T and his friends) headed to the beach, had some gorgeous gelato (salt caramel was my favourite) and run around trying to get away from seagulls trying to attack our precious food :)

Anyways, as I promised you last week, this week’s nail art is all about summer – if seashells don’t put you right in the summer mood, I don’t know what will! Read More

Jun 12 2012

Nail Art: Gradient Stripes

Gradient Stripes

I’ve done stripes, and I’ve done gradient art. What now, then, I thought. A mix of both! Read More

May 30 2012

Nail Art: Chic vs Tribal

 Chic vs Tribal

As the title says, I was wondering if I could do tribal nail art in a chic way. I mean, really, the best part of tribal designs is their vibrant mix of colours and patters…right? So, would taking the ‘spark’ out of the design kill the fun…? Read More

May 21 2012

Nail Art: Galaxy + Constellations

Galaxy + Constellations

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today happens to be my mum’s birthday, my best friend’s first wedding anniversary and solar eclipse – sounds busy right, but these things happened without me being there… in Japan (boo). And… if you lived in a place where you could see the ‘Ring of Fire’, I am really jealous!

Anyways, this week’s nail art is everything about stars – the galaxy and constellations. I know nothing about constellations, though, and had to do a bit of research first. Read More

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