May 14 2012

Nail Art: Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails

Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails 3

Happy Monday, lovelies! This week’s nail art is inspired by the brilliant nail art shown at Vivienne Westwood Autumn-Winter 2012/13 Red Label collection.

Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails 1
Vivienne Westwood

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May 01 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Multi-Coloured Stars

Multi-Coloured Stars
Multi-Coloured Stars 2

Happy May, dear readers! I can’t believe that it’s already May – it feels like I just had my Christmas dinner last month!

For this week’s nail art, I’m using the same handmade decal technique which I introduced in previous posts (triangle tutorial here and zigzag tutorial here), but with an extra help from a new crafty tool I brought back from Japan. Read More

Apr 10 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour Gradient Nails

Tricolour Gradient Nails
Tricolour Gradient Nails 2

Yes, I am on my journey home (12-hour-flight is waiting for me…), but as I promised you yesterday, here I am with the tutorial :)

The title says ‘tricolour gradient nails’, but I’m still not sure what I should call this nail art. I wanted to call it marble (it does look like marble, right?), but if I say ‘marble nail art’, I thought that you would imagine ‘water marble’ design. Any idea what it’s called? Anyone? Read More

Apr 03 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Stripey Butterfly

Stripey Butterfly
Stripey Butterfly 1

Happy April, lovelies! Yes, the spring has come, and I was tempted to try a few nail art designs that shouts ‘Spring!’. I used the same handmade decal technique which I introduced in previous posts (triangle tutorial here and zigzag tutorial here), but with a bit of twist. Read More

Mar 26 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: ZigZag Decal How-To

ZigZag Decal
ZigZag Decal 2

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today’s tutorial will show you how to create zigzag nail art in an easy way.

I’ve been dying to try zigzag designs like Missoni’s textiles or chevron, but I always failed perfecting the design because… well, my hands were too shaky. So, if you are not too confident about your hand-painting skill like me, this tutorial is perfect for you :) Read More

Mar 19 2012

Nail Art: Neon & Smiley

Neon & Smiley
Neon & Smiley 2

Happy Monday, lovelies! Just a quick post on this week’s nail art before I set off to creative journey that involves plastic animals and wet felting (sounds weird, no?). These smiley faces and neon colours will surely cheer me up whole week! Read More

Mar 12 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Itsy-Bitsy Triangles

Itsy-Bitsy Triangles top
Itsy-Bitsy Triangles 1

Are you good at hand drawing? Well, I’m not, and that means that I usually rely heavily on masking tapes when painting patterns on my nails. OK, I love using masking tapes, but… sometimes it drives me CRAZY (you know, all the cutting and the extra drying time?). There has to be another way, I thought.

And… yap, I finally got it. I no longer have to worry about my shaky hands! I love myself. Can I say it again? OK, maybe not. So, let’s get cracking on! Read More

Mar 03 2012

Nail Art: Kate Spade inspired Nails

Kate Spade inspired Nails 2
Kate Spade inspired Nails 1

Today’s nail art is inspired by Kate Spade’s fall/winter 2012 collection. Read More

Feb 24 2012

Nail Art: Multi-Colour Jaggy Nails

Jaggy Nails 1
Jaggy Nails 2

I was in ‘non-girly nail art, please’ mood today; I wanted something quick and simple, definitely wanted to use blue and black polishes, maybe with a bit of glitters or rhinestones. And here are my nail art for this week :) Read More

Feb 17 2012

Nail Art: Pink & Grey Dotted Nails

Pink & Grey Dotted Nails 2
Pink & Grey Dotted Nails 1

I don’t know about where you live, but it feels like the spring is million years away here in Brighton. It’s not only the bitter coldness but also the endless grey sky that make me crave for sunny (or at least, not rainy) spring… So, today’s nail art is kind of a mixture of spring and winter colours; the polishes I used here are my latest favourites, and hopefully they’re going to cheer me up! Read More

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