Sep 26 2011

Nail Art: Holiday Moon Nails

Holiday Moon Nails 1

I’m taking a short holiday from tomorrow, off to Venice for a few days (yay!). The moment I thought of ‘holiday in Venice’, Essie’s ‘Coat Azure’ came up to my mind. It’s shimmery, dusty blue and it looks very elegant (which is very rare for a blue polish, don’t you think?). Read More

Sep 19 2011

Nail Art: ‘The City Never Sleeps’

City Never Sleeps 2

I got a new nail polish from Paul & Joe’s Manhattan – Autumn 2011 Collection the other day. It’s called ‘The City Never Sleeps’, and it looks so dazzling! But sadly, the colour doesn’t come out as it is on photos; I’ve tired every possible lighting and White Balance and so on, but the colour looks much darker and more blue in the photos. Read More

Sep 12 2011

Nail Art: Pink Stripes x Bow

Pink Stripes x Bow 2

Why do I like bows so much…? Honestly, I haven’t got a clue (I used to HATE bows!) but my obsession for bows haven’t stopped for about a year now. There had been times when I hated all the things girly, and during that time I only wore black or red polishes on my nails… and now my favourite colour is pink and love bows; my parents are the ones who are most surprised by this change in me :) Who knows, this time next year I might be shouting ‘pink sucks!’ and chucking everything pink away! Read More

Sep 05 2011

Nail Art: Blue x Black Ombre Nail

Blue x Black Ombre 2

Continuing from last week’s grey ombre nail art, this week I’m having blue and black ombre nails. Last week the ombre/colour fade was done by five different shades on each finger, but this time the ombre/colour fade is done on each finger (I know, I’m not so good at explaining!). Read More

Aug 29 2011

Nail Art: Ombre Nail x French Manicure

Ombre Nail 1

Do you ever have the urge to wear one particular colour on your nails? Well, I sometimes do, and today it was grey. And I also wanted the design to be clean and simple. Yet not too simple. And elegant. I know, sometimes it’s so darn hard to be me!

So, I decided to try ombre nail (colour fade technique) using five different tones of grey polishes on each finger. As for the ‘elegant’ touch, I added French manicure with gold polish. Read More

Aug 22 2011

Nail Art: Summerly Dried Flowers

Dried Flower 2

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted nail art articles, so here is my latest nails :) I always wanted to try nail art that uses dried flowers; dried flowers remind me of summer, so I was waiting for the perfect opportunity but I realised that the summer (you know, the HOT season?) would never come to the UK this year, and that August is almost over… So, it may not be hot, but hey, I have to give it a go! Read More

Jul 01 2011

Nail Art: Thank Gaga, Think Green!

Think Green 1

I’ve been feeling very ‘green’ this week. Why? Because Lady Gaga was in town (no, not in London but in Tokyo) and she was totally covered in green when she landed Narita airport, head to toe! Read More

Jun 23 2011

Nail Art: Red & Pink with Gold Flowers


Nail Art: Red & Pink 1

OK, it’s nearly the end of June. And I can’t help but have some serious doubts, as so many of you living in the UK do, over whether we are going to have ‘proper’ summer or not. Am I paying the price for living in London instead of Tokyo? Maybe so. But hot or not, the summer is here, and the day is long (thank God!). So, for this week’s nails, I chose vibrant summer colours that would (hopefully) give me enough courage to walk around town in T-shirt. Read More

Jun 13 2011

Nail Art: Black with Silver Dots

 Black with Silver Dots top

Since I’ve been having a lot of girly nail arts lately, today I felt like doing something simple in black. But, of course, I couldn’t resist the love for bling; so here come the silver dots! If you haven’t tried making dotted nail art with glitters before, it is very easy, and what’s more, you don’t have to wait for it to dry, which is a real bonus to me! Read More

Jun 02 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: White Lacy Wedding

White Lacy Wedding top

For today’s wedding nail art tutorial, I’m going to introduce an easy and quick way to make your nails extra special by using lace nail stickers. The things I associate with lace are; class, elegance, a bit of girlyness… Sounds perfect for weddings! Read More

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