Jun 01 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: White Stripey Wedding

White Stripey Wedding top

Happy June everyone! As the wedding season is officially on, I’m going to have a series of wedding inspired nail art tutorials throughout this week and next week (I know, wedding is a good excuse for me to add some extra sparkles on :)). Read More

May 30 2011

Nail Art: ‘Pretty in Pink’ Wedding

Pretty in Pink Nail top

At my friend’s wedding that took place last week, I had the opportunity to paint the bride’s nails. Her request was 1) pink 2) simple 3) pretty; she liked the nails (big relief!) but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to take photos. So I decided to recreate the design on my nails today. Read More

May 19 2011

Nail Art: Party Moon Nails

Party Moon Nails 1

Two more days for my friend’s wedding, and today nothing holds me back; I’m going to put all ‘it’s time to party’ spirit on to my nails. I’m going to wear a simple black dress, so my bright nails with lots of sparkles won’t crash with the dress (relieved sigh). Read More

May 13 2011

Nail Art: Double French with a Twist

Double French with a Twist 2

Happy Friday everyone! I have been secretly collecting grey polishes for the past month or so; and today, I chose two of them for double French manicure. And since the polishes I chose were a bit ‘dull’ if painted in ordinary French manicure way, I gave it a bit of a twist. Read More

May 10 2011

Nail Art Tutorial:
Gradation with Glitter Powder

Gradation with Glitter Powder top

Hello lovelies! Today’s tutorial will show you how to make gradation nails using glitter powder. The method for making the gradation effect is pretty much the same with using nail polishes (you can read the tutorial on this post), but if you are new to the glitter powders I’m sure you’ll love the effects and how easy they are to use! Read More

Apr 28 2011

Nail Art: Sparkly Royal Wedding

Nail Art: Sparkly Royal Wedding 1

Yes, one more day to the Royal Wedding! Am I excited? Heck, yes! It’s been nearly eight years since I started to live in the UK, and I think it’s going to be one of the most ‘thank God I’m in the UK’ moments. So, in order to properly get the feel of the special day, I’ve done bling-bling nail art fit for the Royal Wedding. Read More

Apr 26 2011

Nail Art: Matte Gray & Beige

Nail Art: Matte Gray & Beige top

I love nails with lots of sparkles, all shiny and glossy. But today, I felt like having matte-finish nails because… I don’t know, they look soft, retro and contemporary at the same time. I’ve added some rhinestones (because I cannot not) but they still look simple and pretty, I hope. If you don’t have a matte-finish top coat, I assure you that it’d be a great investment because you can enjoy your nail polish twice as much! Read More

Apr 15 2011

Nail Art Tutorial:
Making Ribbon with Metal Balls

Metal Balls Ribbon top

This tutorial will show you how to create a ribbon motif using metal balls. I know, these balls are tiny; be extra careful not to knock the container over because that’ll be a serious disaster (don’t ask me why I know this)! Read More

Apr 15 2011

Nail Art Tutorial:
Middle Parted Black x Gray

Middle Parted Black x Gray top

I’m still having ribbon fever from yesterday’s necklace, so I’ve decided to continue the theme on my nails. I’m using the masking tape technique again for middle parted design, and I’ll be having a tutorial on making a ribbon motif with metal balls in the next tutorial. Have a lovely girlie weekend! Read More

Apr 07 2011

Nail Art: White & Gold Double French Manicure

Nail Art: White & Gold Double French Manicure 1

I love simple French manicure, and I also love doing it double. Double French manicure have classy cuteness as the original one, and you can also have lots of fun by experimenting different combinations of colours. Don’t panic if the lines get wonky or smudged, as you can cover it up by adding thin lines with a liner or putting rhinestones. Read More

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