Apr 02 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour 1

Today’s tutorial will show you how to apply stripes nail art, shown on this post, into different design. If you have ever tried making tricolour design but without much success, you will thank masking tape, I’m sure! Read More

Mar 26 2011

Free Downloads:
Nail Polish Colour Chart Template

Free Downloads: Nail Polish Colour Chart Template, top

I was chucking away my old stash of nail polishes that were too thick to use (very sad), then trying to organise the remains by the colour and brand. Then I decided to make colour chart for the polishes; I always wanted to have colour chart so that it’d be easy to see what colour I have, what colour goes well together, and how strong the colours show in each coat (very important for me). I made a simple colour chart template as free PDF download, so print it out and have fun with your nail polishes, too! Read More

Mar 24 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, top

Have you ever tried painting stripy nails? Well, I have, but without much success. It’s easier to paint stripes with thin liners than normal brushes, but even so, it is really hard to achieve perfect straight lines. Then I came up with an idea one day; why not use masking tape? If masking tape is good enough for painting, it should be good enough for our nails, surely…? You might call it ‘cheating’, but hey, it works! Read More

Mar 17 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, 1

Hello lovelies! This is going to be my first nail art tutorial, and I’m very excited to show you how to create gradation nails. It’s super easy to achieve, and yet it can be applied to many different designs. There might be different and better ways of making gradation, but me being not a professional nail artist means that this is a very easy way! Read More

Mar 09 2011

Nail Art: Office-Friendly Beige with Sparkles

Nail Art: Office-Friendly Beige with Sparkles

I work from home, and one of the things I love most about working freelance is that I can wear any nail polish I like. But there are times, when I visit someone for coverage for example, that I have to arm myself with ‘likable’ design with not-too-over-the-top colours. But saying that, I quite like soft colours such as beige and pale pink – and they can be as exciting as other vivid colours if you put a little bit of sparkly love. I hope that the lovely readers who are bored of ‘office nails’ enjoy this design! Read More

Mar 04 2011

Nail Art: Black with Skinny Silver lines

Nail Art: Black with Skinny Silver Lines

I LOVE black nail varnish. And by adding a little bit of extra something, black polish gives so much ‘oomph’ like no other; it can be rock chic, sophisticated, casual, sexy… you name it! Today, I’ve mixed a silver polish and added skinny silver lines on the tips, along with a bit of sparkles. Read More

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