Mar 22 2012

Craft Tutorial; Felt on Plastic Animals

Felt on Plastic Animals

Continuing from yesterday’s alpaca pin cushion tutorial, today I’m going to show you what you can do (and shouldn’t do) to innocent-looking plastic animals :) Read More

Mar 21 2012

Craft Tutorial; Plastic Animal Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion 1

Hello there! As you can see in the photo above, today’s tutorial is something that’s going to make you smile – llama and pin cushion, what’s there not to smile about :) Of course, it doesn’t have to be llama; any plastic animals that are stashed in your drawers or kids’ toy box, now is the time for them to be in the limelight!

* As I am writing this, I found out that my dear llama is actually an alpaca…! Poor alpaca, he is not supposed to work like llamas, no? Too late now! Read More

Nov 30 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Tutorial:
Felted Soap

Felted Soap 4

How’s your Christmas shopping going, lovelies? I am proud to tell you that after brain-melting hours of shopping (on and off the internet), Mr T and I no longer have to suffer; yes, we actually finished Christmas shopping before December even starts!! And we have 5 days to wrap and send them before we head back to Japan :) And before getting my hands on wrapping these pressies, I wanted to make some felted soaps that I saw at Anthropologie’s. Read More

Nov 29 2011

Felt Ball Alphabet Tutorial

Felt Ball Alphabet 4

As I promised you last week, I’m posting another project using felt balls (am I obsessed with felt ball? Hell, yeah!). This time I’m making alphabetical letters; I think these letters would be cute Christmas ornaments or decorations, also perfect for stocking fillers! Read More

Nov 25 2011

Felt balls in progress… again!

Felt balls in progress 1

My shoulders, arms and hands are screaming. Yes, all thanks to these cute little felt balls! Mr T now calls me ‘crazy ball lady’, but never mind… I’m going to post a tutorial using these felt balls next week, so watch this space xx

Nov 23 2011

Felt Ball Mat Tutorial

Felt Ball Mat 2

Hello lovelies, how is your Christmas presents preparation going? I am, in fact, in a state of panic; Mr T and I are going back to Japan in two weeks for one month (yay!), and we have to get everything done – everything including work, lovely tax calculation, sending out Christmas cards, getting souvenirs and Christmas presents for friends and families… So, while sorting out all the above, I am frantically making some Christmas presents. And today, I made a small mat (or you may call it ‘a rather big coaster’) using felt balls for my mum. Read More

Nov 11 2011

Felting in Progress…

felt balls top

Since yesterday, I’ve been dedicating all my spare time making these felt balls. I love making these, but my hands and arms are screaming now after all these hours of needle felting… Read More

Nov 09 2011

Today I Made: Felted Sweaters

Felted Sweaters top
Have you felted, accidentally or intentionally, your wool sweaters before? I have done it a few times accidentally, quite many years ago, when I washed my sweaters in washing machines. And last week I’ve done it again – this time, to my horror, one of Mr T’s favourite sweaters… It didn’t shrink thatmuch (or so I protested), but it was quite a tight fit; when he stretched his arms above his head, I could see his belly (I insisted that it kind of looked ‘young and fashionable’). Instead of getting upset, though, Mr T simply told me to ‘make something fabulous’ with it :) Read More
Oct 21 2011

Needle Felting Tutorial: Skulls for Halloween

Skulls for Halloween 5

I have a confession to make today – I am a Halloween virgin. No, never experienced ‘Trick or Treat’ (little bit sad, really). I think it’s because we Japanese don’t really celebrate Halloween, and Halloween isn’t such a big deal (or so it seems to me) in Britain. My impression is that British people are more excited about Guy Fawkes Night (5th of November); maybe this might change if Halloween was a Bank Holiday (public holiday)…? Read More

Oct 14 2011

Needle Felting tutorial: Circle Felt Necklace

Circle Felt Necklace 1

After making a simple pair of earrings with felt balls (on this post), I was determined to make a matching necklace with lots of coloured felt balls. But then I thought about practicality (which is very rare for me :)); if I make a necklace with felt balls, chances are that I can’t close the buttons of my coat, surely…? So I came up with the idea of using circle-shaped felts instead of felt balls. These circles take less time to make, and less bulky, so it’s a win-win result! Read More

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