Oct 13 2011

Today I Made… Felt Circles

Felt Circles 2

Once I start needle felting, I can’s stop it. Yes, I still poke my fingers along the way, but no, it’s so addictive! Read More

Oct 12 2011

Simple Needle Felt Earrings Tutorial

Felt Earrings top

Yes, the felting season is back! I checked my blog (it’s very handy, isn’t it?) and the last felting project I’ve done was cat-shaped pouch back in April. In order to get back my felting technique, I made a simple pair of earrings with felt balls. After about five minutes of felting, my fingers seemed to remember how it worked, but it involved some finger poking, too :) Anyway, if you are new to needle felting, I think making felt balls would be the best first project. And if you have ready-made felt balls, you can just skip to step 5. Read More

Apr 27 2011

Wet & Needle Felting Tutorial:
Pouch for Cat Lovers

Pouch for Cat Lovers top

As I’ve promised you in last week’s post, today I’m having a tutorial on making a cat pouch by wet felting technique. It will show you a basic way of making wet felted pouch (which can easily be applied to making a bag), and how to embroider features with needle felting technique. The tutorial is long (sorry!) but each process is easy, so hope you enjoy making one! Read More

Apr 20 2011

Wet Felting:
Needle Case for Cat Lovers

Needle Case for Cat Lovers top

When I woke up this morning, some words popped up in my head: a cat prototype. A CAT PROTOTYPE? Is it an inspiration? Is it a desire? I didn’t understand it but the words didn’t leave me for quite some time. OK, I thought, if you (the voice in my head) wanted a cat prototype, I’d give you one!

I made a simple, cat prototype-template (without even knowing what it was for) with a plastic sheet, then used it for wet felting. When I was about to add features on the face, another voice told me (yeah, I’m a bit special, innit?) that it has to be a ‘grumpy cat’. Read More

Apr 19 2011

Necklace Upcycle: Mixing Old & New

Necklace Upcycle: Mixing Old & New 1

Do you have any jewellery that you love, but cannot wear anymore because some parts are broken, or look too old? Well, I have some, and today I decided to rescue one of them. Read More

Apr 18 2011

Tiny Wet Felted Bowls

Tiny Wet Felt Bowls 1
Tiny Wet Felt Bowls 2

How do you store/organise your jewellery? For ever-growing collections of accessories and craft materials and trinkets, I made these tiny bowls as prototypes; I still haven’t decided if I should make more of them in the same size, or make in different sizes. Maybe I should make them into ones like Matryoshka…? But if I think about it, I actually have a lot of bowls, in different sizes and materials, to the point that l could call them a ‘collection’. Damn… I know, I cannot NOT collect things…

Mar 31 2011

Wet & Needle Felting Tutorial:
Embroidered Coaster

Wet & Needle Felting Tutorial: Embroidered Coaster, top

As the summertime has arrived (at last!), I wanted to make something that was spring-ish. Why not welcome the new season with new house items? So, today’s tutorial will show you how to make a basic piece of wet felted coaster, and how to embroider it with needle felting technique. You can add patterns or decorations by wet felting, of course, but I prefer needle felting technique because it can create more detailed design. The tutorial is long and it has a lot of process (sorry!) but once you get started, it should be pretty easy. Read More

Mar 28 2011

Felt Ball Camera Strap

Felt Ball Camera Strap 1

Since I started this blog, my camera became a huge part of my everyday life. I always wanted to give it a ‘face lift’ somehow, but couldn’t think of how. Then an idea popped up in my head; my camera definitely deserves a new strap! I love the result, and can’t wait to go for a shooting trip! Read More

Mar 22 2011

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day 8

 Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day 8

It’s day 8 of the Let’s spell out, shall I? project, and this is the final word for the project: good. Well, I must confess that it didn’t go as I’ve planed; it was supposed to be a joined-up font, but it proved to be too difficult… Shame, but I’ll give it a try one more time in the future. Read More

Mar 20 2011

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 1

Today, I’d like to share a tutorial on how to make cute, colourful rings with needle felting technique. It’s quick and easy, so it’d be a perfect project for first-time felter or children too. Just remember; be careful not to poke your fingers because the felting needle really, really hurts! Read More

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