Aug 31 2012

Strawberry Daifuku

Strawberry Daifuku

After discovering this easy Daifuku (mochi with red bean paste) recipe on Bakingdom, guest posted by one of the most beautiful food blogs, Sprinkle Bake, I could not not to make some myself. There are different ways of making mochi, and Heather’s version is so eye-watering easy because all the cooking is done by microwave :) Read More

Mar 27 2012

Cute Easter ‘Kyaraben’ Food Ideas

Easter is coming soon, and I’m dying to try some of the super-cute food I found via the internet. Whether you are a fan of ‘kyaraben (Japanese made-up word for decorated bento)’ or not, I’m sure these cuties will melt your heart!

Easter Kyaraben
Easter Kyaraben 10 Read More
Feb 07 2012

Special Treat for Valentine’s Day:
Ice Cream in Chocolate Cup

Chocolate Cup 6

Ever since I saw these handmade chocolate cups made by Heather, the owner of gorgeous cooking blog Sprinkle Bakes, I knew I had to try making some myself.  And you know what? I had so much fun making the cups, and yes, they surely made Mr T happy! Read More

Sep 08 2011

No Bake Layered Cake Recipe

Layered Cake 10

Today I want to introduce you to a layered cake recipe I learned from my brother when I was a kid, which is… well, about 20 years ago (!!!). I don’t know where my brother got this recipe from all these years ago, but he came home from primary school one day and taught me how to make it, which should explain how easy the recipe is :) It doesn’t involve any baking or special technique, and OK, it may not look that sophisticated but I assure you, it tastes absolutely yummy! Read More

Sep 03 2011

Crunchy Biscuits-in-Chocolate Recipe

Biscuits-in-Chocolate 11

Brits love biscuits; this was what I noticed when I first came to the UK. There are so many different kinds of biscuits here, it’s unbelievable! But one thing I can’t find is the crunchy biscuits-in-chocolates we have in Japan. You don’t know what I mean? Well, the title speaks for itself; basically it’s some biscuits in chocolates (but different from chocolate ‘covered’ biscuits) :)

It’s probably too easy to be called a recipe, but I assure you, you’ll love the marriage between biscuits and chocolates! Read More

Mar 31 2011

Matcha Latte Recipe

Matcha Latte Recipe 1

I get often asked which basic Japanese ingredients are ‘must-haves’, and one of the stuff I always recommend is matcha. For those who aren’t familiar with matcha, it’s from the same family from green tea (ryokucha) but they taste differently; please read this for matcha, and this for ryokucha (green tea) if you wish to know more about them! Yes, matcha is a drink, but it can also be used to make matcha-flavoured sweets such as biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, cakes and so on. And today’s recipe (well, it’s probably too easy to be called a recipe) is the basic of the basic; matcha latte. It’s super easy and yummy, so treat yourself! Read More

Mar 13 2011

Fruit Tea Biscuits Recipe

Fruit Tea Biscuits Recipe 1

Since I moved to the UK, my tea intake has, without an exaggeration, more than tripled. And the selection of teas here are so wide that my tea collection has been mounting up by the day. My weakness is fruits tea and herb tea; they look so tempting – full of flavour and gorgeous smells – that I cannot help buying them, but most of the time I end up drinking ordinary tea. So, in order to consume some ‘forgotten’ fruits tea, I tried mixing them in biscuit dough. And the result is…the taste of victory! Read More