Aug 16 2012

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom

I honestly can’t remember how I lived without Pinterest before. In a matter of months since discovering it, Pinterest has comfortably and firmly rooted in my daily life – oh, the inspirations and eye candies!! So, as a result I ended up with a huge to-do list of crafts and DIYs. Today’s project was one from the list; when I saw these cute sachets with pom poms, I coundn’t resist making some :) Read More

Jun 28 2012

Craft Tutorial: Ties & Shirt Upcycle

Craft TUtorial: Ties & Shirt Upcycle

When Mr T and I went back to Japan in April, we had the opportunity to look through old ties that belonged to Mr T’s father. It’s been 15 years since he had passed away, and my mum-in-law decided to sort out his ties while we were staying there.

There were more than 60 ties in total, I think, and most of them were from high-end brands – unfortunately, though, Mr T hardly ever wears ties (he’s a freelance graphic designer, and gets away with not wearing ties even at meetings with clients). In the end, Mr T kept a few that he liked to wear, and gave me some in order to make fabric covered buttons for one of his shirts. Read More

Jun 21 2012

Drawstring Bags with Bead Embroidery

Drawstring Bags with Bead Embroidery
Drawstring Bags with Bead Embroidery2

I showed you one of my bead embroidery projects last week as an ‘in progress’ project (on this post), and I finally made it into a drawstring bag. Read More

May 10 2012

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Have you prepared something special for Mother’s Day yet? I already ordered nice flowers to be sent at both my mum’s and my mother-in-law’s in Japan. But being a crafter, I also wanted to make something – the problem was that my mum-in-law was gazillion times better at most crafts than me… Oh, the pressure!

So, after a long thought I decided to make something useful, and something she wouldn’t think of making herself (or so I’m hoping!). Sachets with cute peyote bezels, here they come! Read More

Feb 22 2012

Pom Pom Snood Tutorial

Pom Pom Snood 3

Are you a fan of snood? And are you a fan of pom poms? If your answers were two yeses, then today’s project is perfect for you :) I found a gorgeous scarf, called ‘Bring it Pom Scarf’ (I know, don’t you love it already?) via Pinterest the other day. They no longer sell the scarf, but I couldn’t give up; I, as a lover of all things round and colourful (ie, felt balls and pom poms), HAD to own it! Read More

Nov 16 2011

Glamming Up Simple Gloves

Simple Gloves 6

I just bought a pair of gloves yesterday; they each have three little leather bows, and that’s it. Very simple (well, for my wardrobe, anyway). I love the shape, colour and the tiny bows, but I wanted to add some personal touches and… well, some bling! Read More

Sep 28 2011

Today I Made: Travel Jewellery Case

Travel Jewellery Case 9

I always think ‘Damn, I really need a jewellery roll!’ while travelling. I always promise myself to make one when I get back home, and I never even remember the promise – well, when a holiday ends, it’s pretty difficult to think ahead about next holiday, right? So, after almost a decade later from the first ‘promise’, I finally made a travel jewellery case (hooray!). Read More

Jul 08 2011

Wrist Pincushion Tutorial

Pincushion Tutorial 12

I always wanted to have a pincushion that I could wear on my wrist. You can call me lazy, but some of you may agree that when pinning up something or using a sewing machine, reaching across a table constantly for a pincushion is so frustrating. So, for today’s tutorial, I’m introducing this handy bow-shaped pincushion (yes, I’m obsessed with bows!) that requires so little time to make. Read More

Jun 27 2011

Today I Made: Tote Bag with Bow

Tote Bag with Bow 1

I fell in love with this tote bag that I found on Pinterest the other day. And after getting lovely fabrics from Fabric Rehab, I tried and made my own tote bag with a bow. I think I over-complicated some of the process, and it didn’t come out as cute as the original one (sigh); the cuteness of the fabric saved my day, I must admit! Read More

Jun 21 2011

Sewing Project Update:
The End of Yoyo Quilts…?

End of Yoyo 3

OK, I finally finished sewing together all the yoyos I made (55mini-size yoyos and 66 big yoyos). However, HOWEVER, it came out WAY smaller than I imaged it would be. I know, I know, I should have planned how many yoyos I needed at the beginning. Obviously. My ‘go with the flo’ style of crafting was never going to work for a project like quilting! Read More

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