Jun 16 2011

Sewing Tutorial: Fabric Cable Tidy

Fabric Cable Tidy top

I’m not a tidy freak, but one thing I cannot stand is tangled cables running around the house. I really wanted to tackle this problem with cheapest option possible, and came up with this simple idea of fabric cable tidy. It takes less than 10 minutes to make one, and if you use fabric scraps it won’t cost you a thing! Read More

Jun 14 2011

Sewing Project Update: Quilting the Yoyos

Quilting the Yoyos 1

I’ve started to sew together the yoyos I made in this post. Yes, it’s been almost three weeks since I started this project (here on this post), and I still have 55 mini-size yoyos to sew together (big sigh). Read More

Jun 09 2011

Today I Made: Hair Scrunchies with Bow

Hair Bow Scrunchies top

I received my first ever order (so excited!) for hair scrunchies from my friend, who saw my hair scrunchie with bow tutorial (on this post). She ordered two scrunchies for herself, and one for her soon-to-be four years old niece. She left it to me to decide what kind of scrunchies I’d make, so I picked colour and materials I think (I hope) she’d like. Read More

Jun 07 2011

Sewing Project Update: 55 Mini Yoyos

55 Mini Yoyos 2

It’s been almost two weeks since I made lots of fabric circles, and today I finally finished turning them into mini-size yoyos. Read More

May 31 2011

Sewing Project Update: 64 Yoyos

Big Yoyos top

Do you remember lots and lots of fabric circles I cut on last week’s post for a new sewing project? Read More

May 27 2011

Today I made…

yoyo 4

As I told you in yesterday’s post, I got an inspiration for a new sewing project from a Cath Kidston sewing box my friend gave me. I think the project will take me about a week to complete (if only my hands didn’t give way…), so I’ll be posting updates throughout next week. Read More

May 12 2011

Hair Scrunchie with Bow Tutorial

Hair Scrunchie with Bow top

As I promised you yesterday, today’s tutorial is on ‘pimped up’ version of hair scrunchie. I’ve been slightly obsessed with bows recently (in case you haven’t noticed), and I couldn’t resist putting a bow on a scrunchie! Read More

May 11 2011

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial top

I have quite a lot of odd bits of scrap fabrics to use, so today I’m having a tutorial on hair scrunchies. I know, it’s one of the simplest sewing projects ever! Today’s tutorial will show you how to make the ‘basic of the basic’ scrunchies, and I’ll be having a tutorial on ‘pimped’ version tomorrow. Have nice scrunchies time, everyone! Read More

May 04 2011

Wedding Project:
Organza Flower Headband Tutorial

Organza Flower Headband top

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my best friend’s wedding is coming up in less than three weeks. So today, I made a headband with an organza flower feature for the special day; it looks cute yet elegant (ie, perfect for a wedding), don’t you think? It was such a fun to make the organza flower that I’m already thinking what I could use these for other projects! You can wear it as a hairpin, a bracelet, a belt… OK, I’m getting a bit too excited here, but hope you’ll get as excited as I am making the headband, too! Read More

Mar 15 2011

Good-Bye to Stinky Shoes Tutorial: Part 1

Good-Bye to Stinky Shoes Tutorial: Part 1, bag

Like any other Japanese, wearing shoes inside a house is a big no-no. This applies to wherever I live, and my sweet friends, without even being asked, automatically take their shoes off at the door (thank you lovelies!). There is one big downside to ‘no-shoes’ policy though – the smell! After wearing boots or during summertime, anyone must have worried ‘what if my feet smell?’ when taking shoes off (and at someone-else’s house, the worry becomes an actual dread). So I came up with this ‘deodorant sachet’ idea, which I tried and tested for the past 3 months and works wonders! Toady, as the first part of the tutorial, I’ll show you how to make the sachets. Read More

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