Apr 30 2012

Miyama, a Nostalgic Village in Kyoto

Miyama 10

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today I’m going to share you some photos of Miyama, a small village in Kyoto. Read More

Apr 29 2012

Kyoto in Pink: Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle


Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 5

Continuing from yesterday’s ‘Kyoto in Pink’ post, today I’m sharing some photos from Shogun-zuka and Nijo Castle. Read More

Apr 27 2012

Kyoto in Pink: Heian Shrine

Heian Shrine

Hello lovelies! I’m very sorry for my long absence; I am finally back from Japan, and yes, I’m suffering from severe jet lag and the thought of editing nearly 300 photos (I’m not kidding here) makes me want to stay in bed forever… Read More

Apr 13 2012

Full Bloom!

Full Bloom

Hello lovelies! Yes, after devouring mildly offensive inflight-meals and pretty bad turbulence and quietly suffering from numb bum as hard as a brick wall, I am back in Tokyo in one piece :)

It’s been 8 years since the last time I stayed in Japan during April, and I almost forgot how beautiful it is in this time of the year! Everywhere you go, there are cherry blossoms in full bloom. Read More

Feb 02 2012

Best ‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour in Tokyo

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 6

If you are staying in Tokyo, and want to try and experience traditional Japanese food and culture in just one day, I strongly recommend participating a tour hosted by Hato Bus, which offers sightseeing bus tours in Japanese, English and Chinese.

My mother-in-law invited my mum, my brother, Mr T and I for this ‘eat-till-you-drop’ one-day tour back in December. And oh, we had such a blast and we were only a few seconds away from dropping dead, of course from eating too much!! Read More

Feb 01 2012

Who’s there…?

Shiba 2

Isn’t she the loveliest Shiba? Read More

Jan 31 2012

Busy being spoiled…

I know it’s a bit too late to say this, but… Happy New Year, everyone! How’s 2012 treating you? As the title says, Mr T and I have been very busy getting spoiled in Japan during the last 40 days, and we are now frantically trying to get back to the normal life here in Brighton. I will be sharing some photos from the trip in the next couple of posts, but first, please allow me to share my greatest memories of Japanese food!

japanese food 1 Read More
Nov 02 2011

Trip to Seven Sisters Cliffs

Seven Sisters 4

Last weekend, I made a short trip to Seven Sisters cliffs in East Sussex with Mr T and my friends. The cliffs are made of chalk, and the white cliffs look absolutely beautiful against the blue sky… in the pictures I’ve seen online. Unfortunately, we didn’t have such luck; we had typical English weather that day, endless grey skies and misty rains here and there… Read More

Oct 17 2011

London at Dusk

London at Dusk 3

Hello lovelies, did you have a great weekend? Mr T and I visited London last weekend, and managed to go for shopping, visit two museums and a launch party (which I will talk about in the next post). We walked along South Bank after dusk, heading to Tate Modern from Waterloo Bridge, and it was so beautiful that we fell in love with London for the second time! Read More

Oct 10 2011

Photos from Venice Trip: Murano

Murano gondora

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m going to share last bits of photos from Murano, an small island in the Venetian Lagoon that is famous for its glass-making (it would be my last post about Venice trip, I promise you!). Read More

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