Dec 31 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
samurai cat

Happy 2015, lovelies! May this new year let all your crazy dreams come true :)

Dec 25 2014



santa kid

Wishing you a very merry and joyful Christmas, lovelies!

Nov 21 2014

What Gifts Tell About You

Chanel No.5

Happy Friday, lovelies! I was going to share a craft tutorial today, but no, I’m afraid I run out of time (sorry!). So instead, I’m sharing these photos of ‘vintage’ Chanel No.5s :)

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Nov 06 2014

Thank you for waiting…


Hello lovelies, and hello crafty world!

OK, first of all, I am deeply sorry for my abrupt and long (very long) absent. I honestly cannot believe that it’s been about a year and a half since I last posted on Small Good Things…


Secondly, thank you so very much for lovely readers who’s been waiting for my return, and those who left lovely messages and comments while I was gone. I read all of them, of course, and these were deeply heart-warming and encouraging (though it took me so long to come back here) – I’m still writing replies to you all, and I apologise that I couldn’t get back to you sooner.

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Nov 05 2014

Coming back soon


Coming back, very soon…

Mar 20 2013

Crafty Goodness from Across the Pond…

Hello lovelies! Please let me apologise first for making you jealous today. If you were a regular SGT reader, you might remember the craft swap I did with Bev from Flamingo Toes – well, we enjoyed the swap so much that we decided to do the swap again :)

OK, just in case you haven’t encountered Flamingo Toes yet (like, really, go have a look, sweetheart!), here are some of my favourite tutorials from Bev: Anthro’s Pompearl Necklace Knockoff, Simple & Sweet Shoe Refashion, A Simple Clutch (Applique Version), and Spring Vintage Linen Table Runner. See? So many inspirations and crafty skills!!!

Now, please let me share you the goodies I received from the crafty queen :) Read More

Mar 05 2013

Hard to Say Good Bye

Big Ben

I’ve been keeping a secret for a while – well, not really because I didn’t want you sweet readers to know about it, but because I just didn’t quite know the right moment to tell you.


Last Thursday, Mr T and I left the UK to move back to our homeland, Japan. Although the move was a happy one, spending the last good ten years, it was just really hard to say good bye to the beautiful country.

I’ve met so many (and I mean, so many) lovely people, experienced things that I’d never experience in Japan, and ate Fish and Chips more than I probably should. There had been good times and bad times, of course, but now that I’ve left the country, all the things that came up to my mind were just so colourful and cheerful.

Please be patient with me until I settle in Tokyo – hopefully I’ll be back soon enough :)

P.S. Oh Tanuki, I’m really, really sorry I couldn’t meet you before I left… Hope to see you sometime soon in Japan, though!

Dec 24 2012

wishing you lots of joy

image by harold.lloyd

(image by harold.lloyd via Lindley Ashline)

Happy holidays, sweets! I can’t thank you enough for being a big part of Small Good Things in 2012 – yes, I stumble and fall sometimes and feel like giving up this tiny blog, but I managed to continue my adventure because of your kind comments and sweet Emails. Really, I never thought I’d survive more than a year :)

I’m taking a bit of time off but I’ll be back in 2013. And until then, I hope you’ll have wonderful holidays with lots of smiles with your loved ones xxx


Dec 05 2012

Personal Love Letter to Mum


Dear Mum,

Just wanted to say thank you, because on this day 33 years ago, you were the one who did all the hard work. So, thank you. Thank you so much for pushing me out into this wonderful world, and I’m so lucky to be born as your daughter :)


Oct 19 2012

Free iPhone App: Cameran Directed by Mika Ninagawa

Hello pretties! I was going to share you a craft tutorial this morning – but just encountered this wicked, free camera app called cameran directed by Mika Ninagawa, and I had to share it with you first!

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