Apr 06 2012

Pinterest Pics that Make Me Smile

Pinterest Pics

Hello lovelies, hope you are having a wonderful Good Friday! I don’t really know how to properly celebrate Easter (I mean, I am a Japanese after all), but I am well stocked with egg and bunny shaped chocolates to last till Monday :)

Anyway, today’s post is something I’ve been planning to do for quite a while; these are stuffs I found via mighty Pinterest that made me smile and laugh. I must warn you first that if you are very easily offended, some of the images might be a bit offensive – contains some mildly offensive words and mild (?) nudity. So… here we go! Read More

Mar 30 2012

Vintage Finds…

Vintage Finds
Vintage Finds 7

My newest finds from vintage and antique shops in Brighton. Read More

Mar 11 2012

One year since…

Today marks one year since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck northeast Japan. As a Japanese, I want to dedicate this post to those who have been supporting Japan and its people.

All the people around the world who prayed, shed tears, gave kind thoughts, donated aids and money for the affected, and all the rescue teams and volunteer workers from around the world who had saved countless lives and helped rebuild the affected areas – I cannot thank enough, but really, thank you. I thank you from bottom of my heart.

earthquake 1

Read More

Feb 16 2012

The Winner of ‘Goodies from Japan’ Giveaway

Thank you so, so much to those who have entered the giveaway! Honestly, it was my very first giveaway and I was quite worried that no one was going to enter :) So, millions of kisses to you all xxx

And, the winner is… {drum roll}


Congratulations Kate! You won the giveaway!!

(I used WordPress ‘Pick Giveaway Winner’ Plugin, by the way)

Kate, I will send you an Email shortly, so please check your mail box!


Feb 14 2012

♥ ♥ ♥

Valentine’s Day1

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Hope you’re all getting treated with lots of love and chocolates :)

By the way, I didn’t know that there were these sad tablets hidden in Love Hearts… Of course I hid them from Mr T!

Anyways, I love you my dear readers, and hope you’ll have a great day!

Feb 13 2012

I ♥ Mikey by Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson 1
Lisa Larson 2

Just wanted to share my lovely Mikey, a key chain with a cat designed by Swedish designer, Lisa Larson. I would LOVE to own her ceramic works one day, but hey they come with big price tags… One day…

Feb 09 2012

‘Goodies from Japan’ Giveaway!!

Giveaway 7-1

***This Giveaway is Now Closed***

As I promised you my very first giveaway, I have these goodies that I brought back from Japan! They are, for me, the cream of Japanese crafts :) Now, let me show you what I’ve got here for you. Read More

Feb 08 2012

‘Goodies from Japan’ Giveaway, coming soon…!

Feb 06 2012

Hello from Mr & Mrs Weird

Mr & Mrs Weird 1

Happy Monday everyone, and hope you had lovely weekend! Today’s post has nothing to do with crafts or holiday in Japan, but I just cannot NOT to post it :)

I was going through my craft box, looking for balloons for my next project. Then I found these weird but cute balloons my dear friend, Ms. OMG I Found Weird Stuff I Must Send It To Emi, had sent me couple of months ago (she also sent me these sweets-shaped erasers before). Read More

Feb 03 2012

Using Fruits & Veg for Decoration

Fruits & Veg 1

Although I love flowers and plants, I must admit that I’m really bad at growing and arranging them. Even when I come up with a few ideas about floral designs, by the time I put some flowers in a vase, my hands stop because they always look somehow ‘off’.

So, when I went back home to see my parents, I was quite anxious to learn a thing or two about flower arrangements from my mum. Mum loves to use whatever plants she finds in her garden; since it was December and there were not so many plants available, she included a lot of vegetables and fruits in her design. Read More

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