Feb 02 2012

Best ‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour in Tokyo

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 6

If you are staying in Tokyo, and want to try and experience traditional Japanese food and culture in just one day, I strongly recommend participating a tour hosted by Hato Bus, which offers sightseeing bus tours in Japanese, English and Chinese.

My mother-in-law invited my mum, my brother, Mr T and I for this ‘eat-till-you-drop’ one-day tour back in December. And oh, we had such a blast and we were only a few seconds away from dropping dead, of course from eating too much!! Read More

Feb 01 2012

Who’s there…?

Shiba 2

Isn’t she the loveliest Shiba? Read More

Nov 03 2011

Tilt-Shift Photos; Miniature Faking website

Tilt-Shift Photos brighton

I’m a big fan of tilt-shift photos, but never bothered using PhotoShop (or didn’t have the skill to do so, to be honest) to modify my normal photos into fake miniature ones. But then I discovered this brilliant website TiltShift Maker, which is a web-based image manipulator that allows you to fake it. It’s super easy to use, and the best part is, it’s FREE!!! Read More

Oct 24 2011

Bring it on, it’s ‘Beach of the Dead Brighton’!

Beach of the Dead 23

In my last post, I mentioned that ‘Halloween isn’t such a big deal (or so it seems to me) in Britain’. And I was wrong – well, at least in Brighton, they take it seriously. Mr T and I were cycling around the city centre last Saturday, and the city looked somehow different. Then Mr T was stopped by a zombie; this was when we realised that the city was full of the dead! Read More

Oct 18 2011

Stationery with Creative Minds

Stationery 1

As I told you in the last post, Mr T and I attended a launch party last weekend in London. And I’m happy to announce you that the party was for Toothpic Nations, a theme-based online shop that sell contemporary Asian designs. The shop’s first theme is ‘around the desk’, and Rebecca, the brilliant shop owner with an eye for contemporary and practical designs, introduces various stationery she has discovered from all over Asia. Read More

Oct 17 2011

London at Dusk

London at Dusk 3

Hello lovelies, did you have a great weekend? Mr T and I visited London last weekend, and managed to go for shopping, visit two museums and a launch party (which I will talk about in the next post). We walked along South Bank after dusk, heading to Tate Modern from Waterloo Bridge, and it was so beautiful that we fell in love with London for the second time! Read More

Sep 15 2011

Weird and Wonderful Japanese Sweets

Japanese 7

I received a mysterious and unexpected parcel from my friend the other day. Inside, there were several sweets (or what you’d call ‘candies’ if you aren’t British), which I think will talk about in another post, and these sweets-shaped objects. Read More

Sep 07 2011

Vintage & Antique Button Finds

Antique Button 2

Since moving to Brighton, I’ve been browsing through antique shops and stalls almost every weekend. Well, actually, one of the reasons why we decided to move to Brighton was because there were so many places that handle vintage trinkets here! Last weekend I spent a good couple of hours going through boxes of vintage buttons at my favourite shops. Read More

Aug 30 2011

Taste of Summer, Taste of Britain

Taste of Britain 7

I know, I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of August! Before the summer officially ends (I say ‘officially’, because to me the summer never even arrived here!), I want to introduce you to the lovely summery drinks that I’ve been enjoying lately. Read More

Aug 25 2011

Tokyo Confidential: Shiba Inu Eyebrows Scandal

I love dogs, always had dogs while growing up, and thought that I knew a thing or two about dogs. And I was wrong.

To give you the rough idea of how shocked I was (not a bad one, just really surprised) when seeing the recent photo of my mother-in-low’s beloved dog in Tokyo, I want to show you the photos of the dog-in-suspect in chronological order.

Shiba Inu 2 Read More
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