Jun 07 2012

Craft Tutorial: Drop Beads Necklace

Drop Beads Necklace

Hello sweets! Today I’m going to show you how to make simple necklace with drop beads. I received these gorgeous drop beads as part of crafty swap goodies; when I saw them I instantly knew that I was going to make a dangle necklace with them :) Read More

Jun 06 2012

Where’s the Queen?


I went to see the Queen’s parade with my friends yesterday, and oh, it was surely one of the highlights of my stay in the UK! Read More

Jun 04 2012

Diamond Jubilee Dinner, the Japanese Way!

Jubilee Dinner

Happy Monday, lovelies! I don’t know how much The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is celebrated elsewhere, but here in the UK it’s madness! Union Jack flags are everywhere, people are merry and cheery drunk all day long – and of course I’m not going to miss this chance to do a proper celebration :)

Jubilee Dinner 2 Read More
May 31 2012

Knockoff Craft Tutorial:
Etoile Earrings by Kamiori Kaori

Etoile Earrings

Today’s tutorial is a knockoff of ‘Etoile earrings’ by a Japanese jewelry designer, Kamiori Kaori. When I discovered the earrings, I was literally blown away – they are so cute and whimsical! Read More

May 30 2012

Nail Art: Chic vs Tribal

 Chic vs Tribal

As the title says, I was wondering if I could do tribal nail art in a chic way. I mean, really, the best part of tribal designs is their vibrant mix of colours and patters…right? So, would taking the ‘spark’ out of the design kill the fun…? Read More

May 29 2012

Crafty Secret Reveal…

Hello my dearest readers, today I must confess that I’ve been keeping a little secret from you. No, I’m not pregnant, and no, I did not eat your chocolate (I swear!). So… ahem, take a deep breath… Read More

May 28 2012

Diamond Jubilee Wish List

Diamond Jubilee

We only have 5 days to get ready for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – yes, on 2nd to 5th June, we will be celebrating Queen’s 60 years on the throne (and a 4-day weekend!). I have been keeping my eyes on Diamond Jubilee themed goods for a while, but there were just too many choices! So, here is my wish list (including things that I wouldn’t be able to afford :)). Read More

May 25 2012

Craft Tutorial: Beaded Bezel Ring

Beaded Bezel Ring

Awww… Just looking at these lovely Swarovki stones makes me drool…. Oh, ahhh, sorry, I’m good, thank you, and you?

Well, well, where can I start? I love Swarovski crystals, and I especially adore their rivolis (you know, pointy, gold back ones?) – although I couldn’t really use them without fancy (and rather expensive) settings before. But I am a different person now, because I can make peyote bezels with them (whoot, whoot)!!! So, with this greatest excitement, I shall move on to the tutorial :) Read More

May 24 2012

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
Colored Brilliance Bowl

Colored Brilliance Bowl

I was trying to sort out my nail polish boxes the other day – I mean, some of the polishes were really old, nearly ten years old, all sticky and yuck… But still, I found it quite difficult to throw even these old ones away, and wanted to give them a final good use before saying good-bye. Then I found a perfect project, from no other than the lovely Anthropologie!

Colored Brilliance Bowl anthro

Read More

May 21 2012

Nail Art: Galaxy + Constellations

Galaxy + Constellations

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today happens to be my mum’s birthday, my best friend’s first wedding anniversary and solar eclipse – sounds busy right, but these things happened without me being there… in Japan (boo). And… if you lived in a place where you could see the ‘Ring of Fire’, I am really jealous!

Anyways, this week’s nail art is everything about stars – the galaxy and constellations. I know nothing about constellations, though, and had to do a bit of research first. Read More

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