May 18 2012

‘Pearl International’ Knockoff Tutorial:
Pearl Necklace with Detachable Bows

Pearl Necklace with Bow

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s tutorial is about everything I love – pearls and bows, simple yet playful. When I found this gorgeous necklace from PEARL INTERNATIONAL, I fell instantly in love. Read More

May 16 2012

Best place to learn beading techniques

Since getting my hands on bead stitching for the first time in Sachet with Peyote Bezel Tutorial last week, I got hooked and I was all over the Internet to learn more about the stitching techniques.

As I was searching for clear and easy instructions, I came across this brilliant articles on beading how-to, hosted by a Japanese beading shop called Beads Factory. The instructions are created with Flash animations, and are perfect for first-time bead stitchers!

Since the website is entirely written in Japanese, I’ll guide you through it: Read More

May 15 2012

Les Nereides Knockoff Tutorial:
Voluptueuse et Vaporeuse Earrings

Les Nereides Knockoff

It’s been quite a while since I did a knockoff tutorial, and I’m really excited to introduce today’s knockoff earrings from Les Nereides. Well, it’s more of an ‘inspired’ version rather than a knockoff, but hope you’ll like my version, too :) Read More

May 14 2012

Nail Art: Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails

Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails 3

Happy Monday, lovelies! This week’s nail art is inspired by the brilliant nail art shown at Vivienne Westwood Autumn-Winter 2012/13 Red Label collection.

Vivienne Westwood Inspired Nails 1
Vivienne Westwood

Read More

May 10 2012

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Have you prepared something special for Mother’s Day yet? I already ordered nice flowers to be sent at both my mum’s and my mother-in-law’s in Japan. But being a crafter, I also wanted to make something – the problem was that my mum-in-law was gazillion times better at most crafts than me… Oh, the pressure!

So, after a long thought I decided to make something useful, and something she wouldn’t think of making herself (or so I’m hoping!). Sachets with cute peyote bezels, here they come! Read More

May 09 2012

Craft Tutorial: Beaded Hair Scrunchies

Beaded Hair Scrunchies

First of all, my hearty apologies to my dear readers for not posting much these days. I was head-banging a thick, cold blogging wall – although I was happily creating something pretty much everyday, when I questioned myself if they were blog-worthy or not, sadly the answers always seemed to be ‘no’. I’m still head-banging the wall, but hey, here I am with a bloody forehead :)

Let’s move on to my darling new hair scrunchies, shall we? I love both making and wearing hair scrunchies, and since my hair is now long enough to actually wear one, I decided to make new versions (you can find other scrunchie posts here and here). They are both pretty straightforward to make, and I think they would be a cute little present for Mother’s Day, too. Read More

May 01 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Multi-Coloured Stars

Multi-Coloured Stars
Multi-Coloured Stars 2

Happy May, dear readers! I can’t believe that it’s already May – it feels like I just had my Christmas dinner last month!

For this week’s nail art, I’m using the same handmade decal technique which I introduced in previous posts (triangle tutorial here and zigzag tutorial here), but with an extra help from a new crafty tool I brought back from Japan. Read More

Apr 30 2012

Miyama, a Nostalgic Village in Kyoto

Miyama 10

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today I’m going to share you some photos of Miyama, a small village in Kyoto. Read More

Apr 29 2012

Kyoto in Pink: Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle


Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 5

Continuing from yesterday’s ‘Kyoto in Pink’ post, today I’m sharing some photos from Shogun-zuka and Nijo Castle. Read More

Apr 27 2012

Kyoto in Pink: Heian Shrine

Heian Shrine

Hello lovelies! I’m very sorry for my long absence; I am finally back from Japan, and yes, I’m suffering from severe jet lag and the thought of editing nearly 300 photos (I’m not kidding here) makes me want to stay in bed forever… Read More