Dec 05 2014

Nail Art: Drawing with Acrylic Paints

Nail Art: Drawing with Acrylic Paints

Happy December, lovelies! I turned 35 today (yay!) and as any birthday girl would rightfully do so, I demanded many things to my (poor) better half. Having a cake for breakfast and lunch was one, and another was forcing him to doodle on my nails :)

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Nov 26 2014

Gift Wrapping Info for Black Friday Weekend

leap Jewellery: gift wrapping options

Hello lovelies! Here are the complimentary gift wrapping options for you to choose from. Enjoy! Read More

Nov 26 2014

leap Jewellery: Gift Wrapping & Shipping Info

gift wrapping

Hello lovelies! Hope you guys are not too busy getting ready for Thanks Giving! Well, me? I’m not going to lie, it’s been 20 days (feels so much longer, though!) since my Etsy shop has opened, and I’m preparing for the big weekend like a mad woman (I really mean it). Read More

Nov 25 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur Earring Backings

Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial

Hello lovelies! Just in case some of you have missed, my Etsy shop, leap Jewellery, is having a big giveaway at Flamingo Toes! Yes, go check it out and place your entry!

OK, now, let’s move on to a quick craft tutorial, shall we? Hope you guys enjoyed my Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings and Faux Fur Pearl Necklace tutorial, because today I’m sharing another super easy faux fur tutorial. This time it’s earring backings – yes, you heard it, faux fur backings that goes with any (well, almost any) stud earrings you have! Read More

Nov 24 2014

Leap Jewellery Giveaway at Flamingo Toes!

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today I have an exciting news for ya all; my favourite blog of all time, Flamingo Toes, is hosting a big giveaway for my Etsy shop :) Yayyyyyy!!!!!

leap Jewellery Giveaway

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Nov 21 2014

What Gifts Tell About You

Chanel No.5

Happy Friday, lovelies! I was going to share a craft tutorial today, but no, I’m afraid I run out of time (sorry!). So instead, I’m sharing these photos of ‘vintage’ Chanel No.5s :)

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Nov 20 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

Hello lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my Faux Fur Pearl Necklace tutorial last week, because today I’m sharing an easy and versatile faux fur earrings tutorial! These earrings would be glamorous and eye-catching at parties, and you can also casual down by matching them up with a pair of jeans :) Read More

Nov 18 2014

Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs

Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs

Hello Lovelies! Today’s nail art is very simple and very ‘autumn-y’. As you guys must’ve noticed already, I can’t seem to stop myself from wearing more than one nail polish :) And I wanted to try and see if there was a colour combination that wasn’t too loud, even if worn five different colours on each hand. Read More

Nov 15 2014

Quick Reminder: Coupon Code Ends on Sunday!

Hello lovelies! Just a quick reminder, the special coupon code for my Etsy store, leap Jewellery, is going to expire on Sunday Nov 16th. Please use the code HelloLeapSGT to receive 20% off for your entire purchase!

Hope you’ll enjoy browsing my shop, and have a lovely weekend!
Nov 13 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur Pearl Necklace

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur Pearl Necklace

Hello lovelies! Hope you are in favour of this year’s faux fur trend, because today’s tutorial is all about (faux) furry monster :) So, if you’re with me, join me for the tutorial! Read More

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