Aug 25 2011

Tokyo Confidential: Shiba Inu Eyebrows Scandal

I love dogs, always had dogs while growing up, and thought that I knew a thing or two about dogs. And I was wrong.

To give you the rough idea of how shocked I was (not a bad one, just really surprised) when seeing the recent photo of my mother-in-low’s beloved dog in Tokyo, I want to show you the photos of the dog-in-suspect in chronological order.

Shiba Inu 2 Read More
Aug 24 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Kivu Filament Stacking Rings’

Stacking Rings 5

Hello, there! Today I’m having an Anthropologie knockoff tutorial (yes, again!) that I desperately wanted to share with you before the summer ends.

The last time I was in London, I found these very delicate, very summer-looking stacking rings on sale (unfortunately, we don’t have Anthropologie in Brighton. Sigh…) and fell in love with them. The problem was that there seemed to be only one size available, and none of them fit me… So, although I still want their version (silly me), I decided to make some for consolation. Read More

Aug 22 2011

Nail Art: Summerly Dried Flowers

Dried Flower 2

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted nail art articles, so here is my latest nails :) I always wanted to try nail art that uses dried flowers; dried flowers remind me of summer, so I was waiting for the perfect opportunity but I realised that the summer (you know, the HOT season?) would never come to the UK this year, and that August is almost over… So, it may not be hot, but hey, I have to give it a go! Read More

Aug 19 2011

Making Stationery with Waxed Papers

Making Stationery 5

As you can see in the past two posts (here and here), I’ve been obsessed with waxed papers. And I’m hoping that you are as crazy as I am about waxed papers, because today I’m going to show you what I’ve been making with them.

The thing about waxed papers is that you can’t treat them like ordinary papers; you can’t use stickers or glue on them because… well, they are waxed and nothing sticks on them! Hope the tutorial will give you some inspirations on what to use waxed papers for! Read More

Aug 18 2011

Waxed Paper Tutorial

Waxed Paper Tutorial 6

As I promised you the day before, today’s tutorial will show you how to make waxed papers from plain papers. I got hooked and cannot (seriously) stop waxing papers, so much so that I’m putting all the usual clothes ironing on hold :) Read More

Aug 16 2011

Today I Made: Waxed Papers

Waxed Paper 4

Hello lovelies! Today, I want to share my newest obsession: waxed papers. I love their texture and translucency, and they have this vintage feel that just look so special! So, I tried and made my own waxed papers from plain papers. Read More

Aug 15 2011

Brighton Pride 2011

Brighton Pride 4

Last Saturday, my hubby and I attended Brighton Pride parade, one of the biggest Pride parades in Europe. I’ve been to London Pride (which is slightly bigger than the Brighton one) before, but oh my, I was never so proud to be a part of such a positive festival! Read More

Aug 12 2011

Art Inspiration: Exhibition by Stephane Cauchy

Stephane Cauchy 3

I found Fabrica, an art organisation based in a former Regency church, by accident when I was exploring Brighton city centre. According to their website, they commission contemporary visual art installations specific to the building; I love site specific installations because they show what the artists have felt and how they were inspired by the site, and that could be very telling about certain aspects of the artists. At the moment, they are having an exhibition by French artist Stephane Cauchy called Cascade. Read More

Aug 11 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
Pinwale Alphabet

Pinwale Alphabet 3

Some of you might remember that I’ve been collecting an alphabet ‘E’ . So I was really excited when I was given a letter E from a friend the other day! Read More

Aug 09 2011

Arty Trip to London

Last weekend, Mr T (my hubby) and I went back to London to 1) clear the art studio Mr T has been using and return its key, 2) visit art galleries and 3) have dinner with some friends.

 Trip to London  nunnery Read More