Aug 08 2011

Picture Perfect Reflector Tutorial

Reflector top

Most of you must already know that the most important element of taking photo is how you get your lighting right. And trust me, if you live in the UK where the sun seldom shows its full potential, taking photo inside the house using daylight is so darn hard!

So I came up with the idea of making a photo reflector using only the things I already own. I wanted it to be light and mobile, and most important of all, it had to be able to stand on its own. You’ll see after the tutorial how this little thing changes your photo! Read More

Aug 05 2011

London to Brighton

Brighton Rocks hello

Hello lovelies! I’m really sorry that I’ve been away for so long; it’s been almost 1 month since I posted my last entry (yes, I’m actually in a cold sweat!). The reasons for my absence are: 1) my hubby and I moved to Brighton, a seaside city about an hour away from London 2) because of the move and our brilliant internet service provider, we were cut off from the internet connection all these time (it sucks but I shouldn’t be so surprised by this kind of problem in the UK). Read More

Jul 08 2011

Wrist Pincushion Tutorial

Pincushion Tutorial 12

I always wanted to have a pincushion that I could wear on my wrist. You can call me lazy, but some of you may agree that when pinning up something or using a sewing machine, reaching across a table constantly for a pincushion is so frustrating. So, for today’s tutorial, I’m introducing this handy bow-shaped pincushion (yes, I’m obsessed with bows!) that requires so little time to make. Read More

Jul 08 2011

On Weird and Wonderful

Weird and Wonderful 5

I am in the middle of ‘panic packing’ at the moment. Why, you may ask. Because my hubby and I are moving away from old, sweet London to Brighton next weekend! We finally found a right place to move into – an old, cosy (which can be translated to ‘shabby and small’, but hey…) cottage. Read More

Jul 06 2011

Embroidery Floss Heaven

Embroidery Floss Heaven 11

I’m so excited to show you my newest find! Read More

Jul 01 2011

Nail Art: Thank Gaga, Think Green!

Think Green 1

I’ve been feeling very ‘green’ this week. Why? Because Lady Gaga was in town (no, not in London but in Tokyo) and she was totally covered in green when she landed Narita airport, head to toe! Read More

Jun 28 2011

Today I Made: Fabric Wrapped Hangers

Fabric Wrapped Hangers 3

As my ‘I know one day they’ll be useful’ scrap fabric stash was fully grown to ‘OMG What on earth am I gonna do with them’ size stash, I decided to use them for giving my old miserable-looking hangers some treat. Read More

Jun 27 2011

Today I Made: Tote Bag with Bow

Tote Bag with Bow 1

I fell in love with this tote bag that I found on Pinterest the other day. And after getting lovely fabrics from Fabric Rehab, I tried and made my own tote bag with a bow. I think I over-complicated some of the process, and it didn’t come out as cute as the original one (sigh); the cuteness of the fabric saved my day, I must admit! Read More

Jun 23 2011

Nail Art: Red & Pink with Gold Flowers


Nail Art: Red & Pink 1

OK, it’s nearly the end of June. And I can’t help but have some serious doubts, as so many of you living in the UK do, over whether we are going to have ‘proper’ summer or not. Am I paying the price for living in London instead of Tokyo? Maybe so. But hot or not, the summer is here, and the day is long (thank God!). So, for this week’s nails, I chose vibrant summer colours that would (hopefully) give me enough courage to walk around town in T-shirt. Read More

Jun 22 2011

V&A and Liberty Collaboration Fabric

V&A top

When you hear there is a collaboration between Victoria and Albert Museum and Liberty, you expect a lot. And what have they done? Truly beautiful fabrics! Read More