Jun 21 2011

Sewing Project Update:
The End of Yoyo Quilts…?

End of Yoyo 3

OK, I finally finished sewing together all the yoyos I made (55mini-size yoyos and 66 big yoyos). However, HOWEVER, it came out WAY smaller than I imaged it would be. I know, I know, I should have planned how many yoyos I needed at the beginning. Obviously. My ‘go with the flo’ style of crafting was never going to work for a project like quilting! Read More

Jun 20 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Poppy Mallow Bobbies’

Poppy top

I went to Anthropologie the other day, and fell in love with one of their new hair accessories. And, as a ritual, I asked myself this; can I make this, and if so, would it be cheaper to make one myself? The answer was YES. So, ready or not, here comes the very easy but lengthy tutorial! Read More

Jun 16 2011

Sewing Tutorial: Fabric Cable Tidy

Fabric Cable Tidy top

I’m not a tidy freak, but one thing I cannot stand is tangled cables running around the house. I really wanted to tackle this problem with cheapest option possible, and came up with this simple idea of fabric cable tidy. It takes less than 10 minutes to make one, and if you use fabric scraps it won’t cost you a thing! Read More

Jun 14 2011

Sewing Project Update: Quilting the Yoyos

Quilting the Yoyos 1

I’ve started to sew together the yoyos I made in this post. Yes, it’s been almost three weeks since I started this project (here on this post), and I still have 55 mini-size yoyos to sew together (big sigh). Read More

Jun 13 2011

Nail Art: Black with Silver Dots

 Black with Silver Dots top

Since I’ve been having a lot of girly nail arts lately, today I felt like doing something simple in black. But, of course, I couldn’t resist the love for bling; so here come the silver dots! If you haven’t tried making dotted nail art with glitters before, it is very easy, and what’s more, you don’t have to wait for it to dry, which is a real bonus to me! Read More

Jun 09 2011

Today I Made: Hair Scrunchies with Bow

Hair Bow Scrunchies top

I received my first ever order (so excited!) for hair scrunchies from my friend, who saw my hair scrunchie with bow tutorial (on this post). She ordered two scrunchies for herself, and one for her soon-to-be four years old niece. She left it to me to decide what kind of scrunchies I’d make, so I picked colour and materials I think (I hope) she’d like. Read More

Jun 08 2011

Necklace with a Vintage Heart

Vintage Heart top

On Monday, I received this sweet heart-shaped pendant top from my mum, which I had ordered it from my favourite vintage beads shop in Japan. I’m sure that it’s not only me who is frustrated about the fact that most Japanese online shops don’t accept orders from overseas. It sucks, quite frankly! Read More

Jun 07 2011

Sewing Project Update: 55 Mini Yoyos

55 Mini Yoyos 2

It’s been almost two weeks since I made lots of fabric circles, and today I finally finished turning them into mini-size yoyos. Read More

Jun 02 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: White Lacy Wedding

White Lacy Wedding top

For today’s wedding nail art tutorial, I’m going to introduce an easy and quick way to make your nails extra special by using lace nail stickers. The things I associate with lace are; class, elegance, a bit of girlyness… Sounds perfect for weddings! Read More

Jun 01 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: White Stripey Wedding

White Stripey Wedding top

Happy June everyone! As the wedding season is officially on, I’m going to have a series of wedding inspired nail art tutorials throughout this week and next week (I know, wedding is a good excuse for me to add some extra sparkles on :)). Read More