May 31 2011

Sewing Project Update: 64 Yoyos

Big Yoyos top

Do you remember lots and lots of fabric circles I cut on last week’s post for a new sewing project? Read More

May 30 2011

Nail Art: ‘Pretty in Pink’ Wedding

Pretty in Pink Nail top

At my friend’s wedding that took place last week, I had the opportunity to paint the bride’s nails. Her request was 1) pink 2) simple 3) pretty; she liked the nails (big relief!) but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to take photos. So I decided to recreate the design on my nails today. Read More

May 27 2011

Today I made…

yoyo 4

As I told you in yesterday’s post, I got an inspiration for a new sewing project from a Cath Kidston sewing box my friend gave me. I think the project will take me about a week to complete (if only my hands didn’t give way…), so I’ll be posting updates throughout next week. Read More

May 26 2011

Every Sewers’ Dream…

Sewing Box 1

Isn’t it just darling?! My friend gave it to me as a bridesmaid gift: a house-shaped Cath Kidston sewing box. I had been dying to have this for the past 18 months (basically, since the first time I set my eyes on it) so when my friend gave it to me, I was sooo excited I almost wet my pants with joy! Read More

May 24 2011

If You Visualise ‘Happiness’…

wedding 1

it would look like this. Well, that’s what I thought when my friends tied the knot last weekend. After lots of happy tears and joyful laughter, beautiful food and moving speech, they are officially ‘Mr & Mrs’, and I am so grateful that I could be a part of their special day with her loving families and friends. Read More

May 19 2011

Nail Art: Party Moon Nails

Party Moon Nails 1

Two more days for my friend’s wedding, and today nothing holds me back; I’m going to put all ‘it’s time to party’ spirit on to my nails. I’m going to wear a simple black dress, so my bright nails with lots of sparkles won’t crash with the dress (relieved sigh). Read More

May 17 2011

Hooray for Shoes Clips!

Shoes Clips top

There are only three days left for my friend’s wedding; I got a dress, a clutch bag, jewellery, and a pair of… shoes? Mmm… OK, I do have shoes, but they don’t really shout ‘it’ to me. Panic, no, let’s not panic.

After a few hours of (panicky) internet searching, I suddenly found a way out: shoes clips! This way, I could sex up my shoes without spending much, and I could take them off when I want the original design. So, hooray for shoes clips! Read More

May 16 2011

Bead Ring Tutorial:
Pearl Ring That Brings Happiness

Pearl Ring top

Time flies by, literally, and my best friend’s wedding is taking place this weekend. I always wanted to give her something special, not as a wedding gift but as a last present as a single woman. After a long thought, I decided to make her a pinky ring with pearls and turquoise; something simple yet timeless and meaningful. Read More

May 13 2011

Nail Art: Double French with a Twist

Double French with a Twist 2

Happy Friday everyone! I have been secretly collecting grey polishes for the past month or so; and today, I chose two of them for double French manicure. And since the polishes I chose were a bit ‘dull’ if painted in ordinary French manicure way, I gave it a bit of a twist. Read More

May 12 2011

Hair Scrunchie with Bow Tutorial

Hair Scrunchie with Bow top

As I promised you yesterday, today’s tutorial is on ‘pimped up’ version of hair scrunchie. I’ve been slightly obsessed with bows recently (in case you haven’t noticed), and I couldn’t resist putting a bow on a scrunchie! Read More