Apr 18 2011

Tiny Wet Felted Bowls

Tiny Wet Felt Bowls 1
Tiny Wet Felt Bowls 2

How do you store/organise your jewellery? For ever-growing collections of accessories and craft materials and trinkets, I made these tiny bowls as prototypes; I still haven’t decided if I should make more of them in the same size, or make in different sizes. Maybe I should make them into ones like Matryoshka…? But if I think about it, I actually have a lot of bowls, in different sizes and materials, to the point that l could call them a ‘collection’. Damn… I know, I cannot NOT collect things…

Apr 15 2011

Nail Art Tutorial:
Making Ribbon with Metal Balls

Metal Balls Ribbon top

This tutorial will show you how to create a ribbon motif using metal balls. I know, these balls are tiny; be extra careful not to knock the container over because that’ll be a serious disaster (don’t ask me why I know this)! Read More

Apr 15 2011

Nail Art Tutorial:
Middle Parted Black x Gray

Middle Parted Black x Gray top

I’m still having ribbon fever from yesterday’s necklace, so I’ve decided to continue the theme on my nails. I’m using the masking tape technique again for middle parted design, and I’ll be having a tutorial on making a ribbon motif with metal balls in the next tutorial. Have a lovely girlie weekend! Read More

Apr 14 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace top

Ever since Anthropologie opened its first London store in 2009, it has been giving me a great deal of pleasure and torment. Why? Because their products are truly inspiring, and also very expensive (well, for me, anyway). But then I discovered this brilliant blog yesterday, Flamingo Toes, where Bev the blog owner introduces lots of Anthropologie knockoffs with thorough how-to tutorials. After I found out that she has done a tutorial on my favourite necklace, there was no stopping for me. Read More

Apr 13 2011

Beads & Lace Bracelet Tutorial

Beads & Lace Bracelet Tutorial top

After writing the beaded bracelet tutorial yesterday, I got hooked on making more bracelets; I experimented using lots of different materials and the one I liked the most was incorporating lace with beads. The skill needed for the bracelet is exactly the same as yesterday’s, so again it’ll only take 5 to 10 minutes to make one. Hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial! Read More

Apr 12 2011

Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Beaded Bracelet Tutorial top

It’s so exciting to change the wardrobe for the new season, especially when changing it to spring/summer season. And as the new season is here, I think I deserve a new accessory or two! So, today’s tutorial will show you how to create beaded bracelets in quick and easy way. Once you decide which beads to use (which takes me very long time…), it’ll only take 5 to 10 minutes to make one; I’m sure you’ll get hooked! Read More

Apr 11 2011

Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye 1

Yeah, right, sorry about the title, because today’s post has nothing to do with the greatest story of all time. So, why the title? My hubby and I went to Rye, a beautiful town in East Sussex for a day trip, and I caught a cold there… And I just couldn’t help it. Sorry (and I mean it)! Anyway, if you are not too mad with me, I’d like to share some of the photos I’ve taken there. Read More

Apr 07 2011

Nail Art: White & Gold Double French Manicure

Nail Art: White & Gold Double French Manicure 1

I love simple French manicure, and I also love doing it double. Double French manicure have classy cuteness as the original one, and you can also have lots of fun by experimenting different combinations of colours. Don’t panic if the lines get wonky or smudged, as you can cover it up by adding thin lines with a liner or putting rhinestones. Read More

Apr 06 2011

Pimping Up Marking Pins

Pimping Up Marking Pins, top

As I sorted out my beads collection yesterday, I couldn’t help but make something with these lovely things – something pretty, and something useful as well. I decided to pimp my old marking pins, and boy, don’t they just look precious? Read More

Apr 05 2011

Upcycle Jam Jars Into Perfect Organisers

Upcycle Jam Jars Into Perfect Organisers  top

As my craft material collections continue to grow, finding how to organise them in practical ways became my one of many obsessions. I found jam jars to be perfect solution for storing knickknacks and some of my beads collection, so today I gave them some face-lifts. Read More

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