Apr 04 2011

Craft Box Upcycle

Craft Box Upcycle, Before

I got these drawers from WH Smith last week (it was 60 percent off, yay!) for storing my ever-growing collection of craft materials. But it was a tad too ‘sweet’ for our room (you’ll see why in the picture later), so I decided to give it a little DIY love. Read More

Apr 02 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour 1

Today’s tutorial will show you how to apply stripes nail art, shown on this post, into different design. If you have ever tried making tricolour design but without much success, you will thank masking tape, I’m sure! Read More

Mar 31 2011

Matcha Latte Recipe

Matcha Latte Recipe 1

I get often asked which basic Japanese ingredients are ‘must-haves’, and one of the stuff I always recommend is matcha. For those who aren’t familiar with matcha, it’s from the same family from green tea (ryokucha) but they taste differently; please read this for matcha, and this for ryokucha (green tea) if you wish to know more about them! Yes, matcha is a drink, but it can also be used to make matcha-flavoured sweets such as biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, cakes and so on. And today’s recipe (well, it’s probably too easy to be called a recipe) is the basic of the basic; matcha latte. It’s super easy and yummy, so treat yourself! Read More

Mar 31 2011

Wet & Needle Felting Tutorial:
Embroidered Coaster

Wet & Needle Felting Tutorial: Embroidered Coaster, top

As the summertime has arrived (at last!), I wanted to make something that was spring-ish. Why not welcome the new season with new house items? So, today’s tutorial will show you how to make a basic piece of wet felted coaster, and how to embroider it with needle felting technique. You can add patterns or decorations by wet felting, of course, but I prefer needle felting technique because it can create more detailed design. The tutorial is long and it has a lot of process (sorry!) but once you get started, it should be pretty easy. Read More

Mar 28 2011

Felt Ball Camera Strap

Felt Ball Camera Strap 1

Since I started this blog, my camera became a huge part of my everyday life. I always wanted to give it a ‘face lift’ somehow, but couldn’t think of how. Then an idea popped up in my head; my camera definitely deserves a new strap! I love the result, and can’t wait to go for a shooting trip! Read More

Mar 26 2011

Free Downloads:
Nail Polish Colour Chart Template

Free Downloads: Nail Polish Colour Chart Template, top

I was chucking away my old stash of nail polishes that were too thick to use (very sad), then trying to organise the remains by the colour and brand. Then I decided to make colour chart for the polishes; I always wanted to have colour chart so that it’d be easy to see what colour I have, what colour goes well together, and how strong the colours show in each coat (very important for me). I made a simple colour chart template as free PDF download, so print it out and have fun with your nail polishes, too! Read More

Mar 24 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, top

Have you ever tried painting stripy nails? Well, I have, but without much success. It’s easier to paint stripes with thin liners than normal brushes, but even so, it is really hard to achieve perfect straight lines. Then I came up with an idea one day; why not use masking tape? If masking tape is good enough for painting, it should be good enough for our nails, surely…? You might call it ‘cheating’, but hey, it works! Read More

Mar 24 2011

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holders

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder 1

I’m not particularly a tidy person, but sometimes, I suddenly get this strong urge to organizing things. And today, the urge hit me – it told me to sort out one of my craft supply boxes, which had been a shelter (or a dumping box) for odd bits of fabrics and ribbons. The difficulty about storing ribbons is that not all of them come with spools (I really wish they did). So I nagged my hubby, who is a graphic designer, to make some ribbon holders for me. And these holders are going to be my first free PDF downloads; hope you enjoy organising your ribbon stashes too! Read More

Mar 22 2011

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day 8

 Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day 8

It’s day 8 of the Let’s spell out, shall I? project, and this is the final word for the project: good. Well, I must confess that it didn’t go as I’ve planed; it was supposed to be a joined-up font, but it proved to be too difficult… Shame, but I’ll give it a try one more time in the future. Read More

Mar 20 2011

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 1

Today, I’d like to share a tutorial on how to make cute, colourful rings with needle felting technique. It’s quick and easy, so it’d be a perfect project for first-time felter or children too. Just remember; be careful not to poke your fingers because the felting needle really, really hurts! Read More

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