Mar 06 2011

Bead Ring Tutorial: Make a ring in 10 mins!

Bead Ring Tutorial

Every girl deserves a new ring once in a while (are you listening to me, hubby?), but sadly, just because we deserve it doesn’t mean that we can always have it. So today, I’m going to introduce a ring that you can make in ten minutes (or less!). It’s super easy to make and it’d be a perfect present for your girlfriends, too. I hope you’ll enjoy making lots of it and spread your handmade love to your loved ones! Read More

Mar 04 2011

Nail Art: Black with Skinny Silver lines

Nail Art: Black with Skinny Silver Lines

I LOVE black nail varnish. And by adding a little bit of extra something, black polish gives so much ‘oomph’ like no other; it can be rock chic, sophisticated, casual, sexy… you name it! Today, I’ve mixed a silver polish and added skinny silver lines on the tips, along with a bit of sparkles. Read More

Mar 04 2011

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day3

Let' spell out, shall I? project, letter 'a'

It’s day 3 of the Let’s spell out, shall I? project, and this a is the best result so far. When I was deciding on which font to use in this project, I thought lowercase characters were much cuter than uppercase characters, and also thought that they suited the style of the site and the perky colours of the wool I wanted to use. Read More

Mar 03 2011

Needle felt ring holder

Needle felt ring holder

I love rings, and even if the colours fade or some parts get missing (I know, they are mostly cheap ones), I can’t seem to throw them away. And this means that I have quite a collection, and I need to organise them in a way that I don’t ‘forget’ about them. The solution? Needle felting, of course! Read More

Mar 03 2011

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day2

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: m

Mmm…. Could be just me, but the m looks pretty yummy, don’t you think? The vivid yellow and the stripes in the background remind me of those sweets that mums tell kids not to eat (you know, the ones loaded with additives and artificial colours). Read More

Mar 02 2011

Hello, hello!

Alphabet 'S' made by needle felting

So… this is the tiny, first baby step of Small Good Things. I’m very excited to grow this little blog of mine, and hoping that my creative fits keep you entertained (somehow) and make you go wild (someday)!

Well, I’ve been thinking what the first entry should be for a while, and decided to do a little project of needle felting over a week or so (and I shall call it, ahem, ‘Let’s spell out, shall I?’ project). Needle felting… If you’ve tried it before, you must already know how addictive it is. The colour, the texture, and the endless creative possibilities… all these by simply poking a needle to a ball of wool!

OK, I shouldn’t be too excited here, because… as you can see, my first creations for the project, the letter ‘S’ and the stars, are a bit wonky (and it took me, seriously, about 3 hours). It was the first time for me to make an alphabetical letter by needle felting, and it was much harder than making 3D objects. I’ll learn better (and quicker) way as the project progress, I guess. Fingers crossed!

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