Feb 21 2013

Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday: Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

Continuing ‘Best Bites’ photo series from my recent trip to Morocco (you can see the previous posts here and here), today I’m sharing you photos of Sahara Desert trek we took. Read More

Feb 19 2013

Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday:
Inspirations in Details

Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday: Inspirations in Details

Continuing yesterday’s ‘Best Bites’ photo series from my recent trip to Morocco, today I’m sharing you photos of small (and some big) random things that I was inspired by. Read More

Feb 18 2013

Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday: Marrakesh


Happy Monday, sweets! As I mentioned in the last post, Mr T and I spent a week in Morocco recently. I’ve never been to any of the African countries before, and Morocco was by far the most exciting place I’ve been to this day :) We could not believe that a country only three hours away from UK brings us such cultural difference (sounds damn, I know, but that’s how we felt!). We were very fortunate to meet so many lovely people, have wonderful food and see so many beautiful handcrafts, and we cannot wait to go back there (fingers crossed!).

OK, so this week I’ll be sharing some of the photos I’ve taken during the holiday. I don’t want to bore you to death with all the photos, but hopefully you could find some inspirations /beauties /fun in them :) The photos I’m sharing you today are of Marrakesh – the ‘Best Bites’ series continues, followed by ‘details’ themed photos tomorrow, and photos in the Sahara desert on Thursday. Hope you enjoy them! Read More

Feb 14 2013

Nail Art: Moroccan Holiday Nails

Moroccan holiday nail art

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweets! Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week; I’ve been on a holiday in Morocco (mainly in Marrakesh). Today’s nail art post is just a quick update on what I wore during the holiday, and it’s a colourful version of last week’s Non Sweet Valentine’s Day nail art.

Moroccan holiday nail art

Read More

Feb 07 2013

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations

Today I’m going to share you some craft ideas and inspirations for Valentine’s Day. They all comes with tutorials or recipe, so hopefully you won’t have any problem expressing your love :)

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations Read More
Feb 05 2013

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations

So, as I promised you yesterday, here are my nail art inspirations for Valentine’s Day. I’m drooling over these designs as I write this, and hope you enjoy the agony of choosing one design for the V day :)

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations

Read More

Feb 04 2013

Nail Art: Non Sweet Valentine’s Day Nails

Non Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Happy Monday, sweets! I’ve been seeing so many cute nail art designs for Valentine’s Day lately, and I was too excited to choose one design, let alone colour… So I closed my eyes and picked two bottles from my polish box – and yes, I ended up choosing the most un-romantic colour combo possible! So, black and grey romantic nail art, here I come :D Read More

Feb 01 2013

Craft Tutorial: Charms for Earrings Upcycle

Craft Tutorial: Charms for Earrings Upcycle

Happy February, everyone! I know, I don’t know how we ended up welcoming February so soon after the New Year (or so I feel)…

Anyways, today’s tutorial is all about upcycling earrings – if you have stud-type earrings that you got bored of, why not give it a new life? I’ve done earrings upcycle tutorial before which added charms on butterfly catches (as a matter of fact, my very first tutorial on SGT!), but this time I’m adding charms on the main earrings themselves. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds! Read More

Jan 30 2013

Craft Tutorial: Ribbon & Rhinestone Bracelet

Craft Tutorial: Ribbon & Rhinestone Bracelet
Craft Tutorial: Ribbon & Rhinestone Bracelet 1

I’ve been eyeing on pretty bracelets that combine friendship bracelets and rhinestones for quite some time (like, hello, gorgeous creations of Frieda & Nellie), and I wanted to try making one myself – without making a friendship bracelet (because I’m such a bum). I finally decided to make some with my own twist, and my ‘twist’ shall be translated as being lazy :) So, if you have pretty ribbon scraps in your craft stash (you’ll only need about 10cm), now is the time to prettify them! Read More

Jan 28 2013

Nail Art: Scandinavian Nails

Scandinavian nail art

Happy Monday, sweets! I’m a big fan of Scandinavian designs, and I’ve been meaning to try out a bit of Scandinavian goodness on my nails. And today, while looking around my room for some inspirations, I found the perfect thing hanging on the wall. Read More

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