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Jan 25 2013

Nail Art: Jelly Watercolour Nails

Nail Art: Jelly Watercolour Nails
Nail Art: Jelly Watercolour Nails

I’m a huge fan of watercolour nail art, and done the look a couple of times (here and here). Then I found this ever-so-pretty version and I just couldn’t resist wearing the look again on my nails: Read More

Jan 24 2013

While I was gone…

Cath Kidston Crochet Kit

Hello sweets! I know, I sincerely apologise for the absence in the past 10 days or so. My lovely computer broke down (which I’ll explain in detail at the end of the post, for those of you who use 13inch MacBook Pro, 2009 model) but it’s now fixed, alive and kicking. So, what have I been doing while my ‘brain’ wasn’t working? Read More

Jan 14 2013

Nail Art: Winter Snowflake Nails

Nail Art: Winter Snowflake Nails

Happy Monday, lovelies! Does it snow where you live (or is it even cold)? Although it’s been bitter cold here in Brighton, we haven’t seen a single snowflake since the winter has arrived. It’s a good thing, probably, but I do miss a bit of white beauty. So, instead of moaning about something I can’t have, I decided to wear snowflakes on my nails :) Read More

Jan 11 2013

Craft Tutorial: Triple Chevron Necklace

Craft Tutorial: Triple Chevron Necklace

As I made Pearl & Tube Necklace in the previous post, I was determined to make another necklace that I could layer it with. Also, I had some leftover gold tubes – my head was spinning with ideas for a while, and then this idea of chevron necklace came to me. Yes, I always wanted a chevron necklace but couldn’t decide what sort of chevron I wanted to wear (girls have too many choices these days, ey?). So, if you’re a chevron lover and want a pretty one with minimal effort, this project is right up your street :) Read More

Jan 09 2013

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace

Hello Sweets! I’m really excited to share you my first craft tutorial in 2013 today – I chose freshwater pearls (yes, you guys must already know how much I love pearls!) and gold tubes that I picked up last year but couldn’t think of any use (you can see bracelets that use similar tubes in this tutorial). It may sound like an odd combination (well, at least for me it sounded weird first) but I think they are a match made in heaven, these pearls and tubes :) So… ready for the tutorial? Read More

Jan 07 2013

Nail Art: Year of the Snake Nails

Nail Art: Year of the Snake Nails 1

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Hope you guys had wonderful holidays and welcomed a fresh start of the year :) I couldn’t decide what design I should go for as the first nail art post in 2013, then I found this: Read More

Dec 24 2012

wishing you lots of joy

image by harold.lloyd

(image by harold.lloyd via Lindley Ashline)

Happy holidays, sweets! I can’t thank you enough for being a big part of Small Good Things in 2012 – yes, I stumble and fall sometimes and feel like giving up this tiny blog, but I managed to continue my adventure because of your kind comments and sweet Emails. Really, I never thought I’d survive more than a year :)

I’m taking a bit of time off but I’ll be back in 2013. And until then, I hope you’ll have wonderful holidays with lots of smiles with your loved ones xxx


Dec 20 2012

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial: Piccadilly Drops

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial: Piccadilly Drops

Hello Sweets! Yes, the final countdown for Christmas Day has started, and I can almost hear the echoing sound of clock ticking…! I always wonder (like, every year) why I feel like Christmas Day is running towards me in ‘sorry Usain Bolt, you’re simply too slow’ sort of speed, no matter how well prepared I am. Or maybe no one can really prepare enough for the big day, I don’t know!

Anyways, today’s Anthro knockoff is perfect for a last-ditch attempt to sort out all the gift making – it’s quick, easy and pretty :) Read More

Dec 18 2012

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails

Yes. Because it’s Christmas (soon enough), I thought it was time to finally unleash my love for cats on nails. I downloaded these cute kitties’ images from Transient Expression (it’s free download – thanks a million, Rachel!) and printed out on waterslide decal paper.

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails 2

Read More

Dec 17 2012

Craft Tutorial: Quickest & Easiest Pom Pom Trim

Craft Tutorial: Quickest & Easiest Pom Pom Trim

Happy Monday, sweets! I know I’ve been having a pom pom overload since last week (like this and this), but I swear to you, this post would be the last one… well, at least for 2012 :)

I’ve been seeing so many pom pom projects and products over the internet, and one of the things that I definitely wanted to make was pom pom trims and garlands. They are very easy and simple to make, but… no, I didn’t have enough time to indulge myself into becoming a pom pom making machine.

So… if you are short of time like me (I mean, who wouldn’t be at this time of the year?), but want to adorn your gifts or/and house with pom pom trims, follow my easiest and quickest tutorial ever! Read More

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